Hans and Gertrude get Married for Blogophilia 41.3

“But, why can’t we get a rabbit to play with?” Merta asked her mother, while her twin sister, Gilda, looked on hopefully. “I don’t want such a dirty animal in the house, and you two would not take care of it”, she replied in her heavy German accent.

It felt like years, to their mother, that the girls had been asking for a pet rabbit. Truth be told they were starting to wear her down.

Merta, the more assertive of the twins, did not give up. “Bitte Bitte please, please if we get two rabbits, one for each of us, and keep them in the shed in the yard they would not be in the house and we each would have a rabbit of our own.” Gilda standing just behind her older sister (by 2 minutes) prayerfully held her hands, her eyes pleading. She so did want a pet “boonie” as she called bunnies.

The girls watched as their mother walked to the front closet, shrugged into her black cloth coat and started to go out the door. “Come on girls, I am tired of hearing about rabbits. Just in case I found a man who has rabbits for sale.” “She is going for it!” squeaked Gilda finally getting words out of her mouth. The girls hurriedly slipped into their jackets and ran to keep up with their mother as she briskly walked out of the house.

A half hour later the two girls and their mother were admiring the rabbits proudly displayed by Mr. Bailey at his farm. Well, the girls were admiring the rabbits anyway. Their mother still carried a look of disgust. The rabbits were large German rabbits one brown, one white, the brown a male, the white a female. “Bitte bitte Mama please may we have both?” Merta persistently chanted. “Oh, fine. We will take both and a nice cage and keep it in the shed,” their mother conceded. Maybe the girls really would look after the rabbits, and each would have their own so they would not fight over them and this incessant nagging would end.

A week later, the “boonies” (as Gilda still called them) seemed comfortably settled in their new home. And their mother, though she would never admit it to a soul, would occasionally sneak out to the shed to watch the new pets scamper about, twitching their noses and playing with their new chew toys

The girls did indeed begin to get a bit bored and this time it was Gilda who came up with a new idea. “Hans and Gertrude (since that were their new names) seem to like each other so well, maybe they should get married!” “Oh yes, oh yes” shouted Merta with glee, “Let’s have a wedding!”

Their uncle happened to be a minister. When the girls excitedly called him to perform a marriage ceremony with Hans and Gertrude, he could not help but smile at the antics his little nieces got themselves into Of course he said yes and the date was set for the following Sunday right after church.

Gertrude got all spiffed up in a white lacy veil and Hans in a handsome, big, blue silk bow.

The ceremony was lovely as can be seen by the video. Everyone today, even pet rabbits, produce a wedding video

The got married and then did what rabbits do best…

Blogophilia 41.3 Topic: “Going For It”
1. Bonus points:
(Hard, 2 pts): include “playing with a rabbit (or b00nie)”
(Easy, 1 pt): use a word in German (not the phrase “in German”)


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19 Responses to Hans and Gertrude get Married for Blogophilia 41.3

  1. Lisa Kessler says:

    Hi Sue!!!

    Your blog looks beautiful!!! 🙂

    I’ll email you about colored text & blog links…

    This was a great Blogophilia write too!!!

    Lisa 🙂

    • sassyspeaks says:

      Thanks – I finally figured out maybe how to auto approve this and I will add you to blog list as soon as I figure out how – I wrote this so quickly don’t know if it is any good. thanks again

  2. clarkster says:

    Very nice story…..I’m glad it had a happy ending; so many of the writes this week have ended up with bunnies dying and I had to stop reading, lol. Yeah, I be sensitive.

  3. crazypjs says:

    Wonderful tale! I love that they got married and the video was cute. Everyone loves a wedding! This was a truly feel good blog, thank you.

    Your new blog looks great so glad you joined us here!

  4. liam says:

    great read

  5. Tyler says:

    Somehow the idea of a wedding for the rabbits makes it feel like a simplier time – i like that

  6. fiddlbarb says:

    Of course I love your stories and wonderful that you’ve posted your Blogophilia here on WordPress. Beautiful page and awesome Blogophilia 41.3, Sue! ~Barb K~

  7. Avery Shipman says:

    Loved your story and love your WordPress page 🙂 Not sure if I’ll get to post a blog this week – but will try…

  8. leezacoleman says:

    Cute! Blog looks terrific. Really professional!

  9. Marvin says:

    8 points

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