Christmas Break for Blogophilia 42.3


This year we are not going to Cuba over Christmas break as we usually do. We’ve chosen to visit New Orleans instead. The language won’t be too much of a problem; it won’t be as warm as Cuba, but then, not as cold as here either. And we won’t be staying at an “all inclusive” where all food and booze is included in the price.

I can’t say I will miss the Mojitos, the national drink of Cuba, and often served pool side. Their colour is a lovely lime green and though I do enjoy the taste of line, Mojitos somehow pucker my lips, not in a good way. New Orleans will have good bourbon,I hope

Last year in Cuba we were part of a tour; four couples, driver and guide. My blog of that trip is called “Adventures in Cuba”. That was not the official title of the tour, but with the bad weather, bus break down and even flooding; the trip was definitely an adventure. We all got along well; well enough for a week anyway. We laughed a lot, no whiners in the group (even with the mishaps)  and all British since it was a British tour group. One of the women had purple hair. Oh, how the Cubans stared and stared! Her hair was the shade of a purple plum, long and straight right down to the middle of her back.  Between the two of us, she purple haired and me with my red curly hair, we were quite the pair

Last Christmas day after a big dinner at the buffet we retired to the patio bar upstairs. The Cubans love to sing, dance and make music. They put on a spectacular show. The dancers were graceful and innovative. One of them had the blackest hair I’ve ever seen – it was almost blue.

Today with the snow and wind and cold and leaking roof, I cannot imagine sitting outdoors enjoying pina colatas and the view of a gorgeous city down below. We were homeward bound the next day so we made sure to savour every moment.      

We are looking forward to our trip to New Orleans. We hope to hear good music, see swamps and bayous, which beat snow encrusted streets any day, and feast on good Creole cooking.

Written for the writing challenge on My Space

Blogophilia 42.3 Topic: “The Taste of Lime”

Bonus points:

(Hard, 2pts): Mention Purple Hair

(Easy, 1pt): Include a Black Haired Dancer (can’t link this)



 Flowers from first trip – sure is a big pic !

Outdoor cafe

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16 Responses to Christmas Break for Blogophilia 42.3

  1. DJ Myke says:

    You will have a great time in New Orleans. I ate at several restaurants there. Emeril’s was not nearly the best. Watch out if someone offers you a raw oyster dipped in horse radish. That can be… HOT! ~ I went into this karaoke bar there one night, and these folks were singing an En Vogue song, and sounded just like the real group… turns out, it was the real group. What a great surprise that was. 🙂

    • sassyspeaks says:

      Yes I have friends from space and Boomer who have advised on restaurants – they are all good they said. You are much more knowledgeable about music than I am – we shall see – at least no snow there

  2. Liam says:

    have agood one

  3. crazypjs says:

    I’m sure you will enjoy your trip, it sounds wonderful. I’ve never been to either but New Orleans has always sounded like a great place to visit.

    This makes me want to get out of the snow and cold even more than the snow and cold do. lol

    • sassyspeaks says:

      thanks – now if only I can find the time to pack and book the tours…

      would love to add a pic here of what it looks like outside but apparently can only add from the web….

  4. Tyler says:

    Black Beans and Rice, Gumbo, Jambalaya – damn just thinking of New Orleans in making my mouth water. Enjoy your trip

  5. Avery Shipman says:

    Have a great trip and enjoy the essence of New Orleans 🙂 I was there for one short day back in 1988 and the atmosphere of the city has always stuck with me. Great place! Enjoy and soak up the sunshine for the rest of us snowbound folks, lol 🙂

  6. Marvin Martian says:

    8 points Earthling! 🙂 New Orleans at Christmas and all that jazz!

  7. clarkster says:

    Cuba? I didn’t know people could travel to Cuba. Or is it people can come in but the natives can’t leave? *scratches head*

    New Orleans would be an awesome trip though. Enjoy. 🙂

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