Mulates Restaurant New Orleans

Turns out I don’t like the taste of ‘gater – too fishy tasting and sort of tough texture, which is not surprising, but the bread pudding for dessert was lip smacking good and the hurricane drinks went down sooo smoothly.

The pics here are from our second visit to the restaurant when it was not quite so busy

The restaurant was two blocks from our hotel and close to the RiverWalk complex of shops walkways and of course places to eat right across the street.


Across the other street, a convenience store we did use on several occasions. 

A sign at the front of the eatery declared the kitchen fit to re open after Katrina, a destination my imagination refuses to visit. The server told us the place was not destroyed during the storm, except for human damage. However, all businesses required approval before re opening, damaged or not. As soon as one steps into the place, the aromas waft over to your taste buds causing them to jump up and demand to taste whatever is creating those olfactory sensations.

A Cajun band played in the far corner- drum, accordion, guitar and fiddle; they sang in both French and English. 

Mulates is large but without a sense of endlessness; a “cheers” friendliness feeling like a neighbourhood local. The noise level was loud enough to know you are in a crowded restaurant, low enough to hear yourself think

The tables wore red and white checkered plastic table cloths offering a lively and warm greeting

I asked the waitress, Marissa, if it indeed is a local hang out. Nope. The restaurant is in the middle of the hotel district in the warehouse section of the city and the owners wished to crate a local neighbourhood feel. They succeeded

Kids, little ones, got up to dance and bounce around and two elderly couples danced a variety of ball room steps, including the waltz and two step and some I did not recognize. They danced the entire time we sat at our table. Such energy and stamina, and grace and flow as well 



New Orleans does not allow bad, tasteless or boring food. The citizenry appear to live for shopping, eating and drinking – not necessarily in that order.

Some of the friendliest and most helpful people I have ever met live in New Orleans. The trait appears to transfer to tourists as well since the ones we ran into at our hotel were just as friendly

A large variety of Louisiana classics are offered on the menu. Much of it fried. As our swamp tour guide joked, “fry it and we will eat it”. The coatings were tasty and not overly thick. We ordered a Cajun appetizer sampler just to try everything out. It included: alligator, catfish, the most delicious little meat pies, frog’s legs, crawfish, gumbo, au gratins, and blackened fish. And Etouffee which is not a soup and not a stew, but something in-between. The dish contained crawfish but the pieces were so small I could not really get a feel for the taste

Mulates with its good food, zesty music and friendly staff is an excellent place to hang out in the city of New Orleans.

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10 Responses to Mulates Restaurant New Orleans

  1. clarkster says:

    I’d have to say no to the frog’s legs and crawfish. As long as it was deep fat fried I might be coaxed to try alligator if a couple of long island iced teas were involved.

    Was this your first visit to New Orleans?

    • Sue says:

      Actually the frog legs were tasty and not deep fried – taste like chicken – have had them before – the alligator too fishy though the swamp tour guy said they make good sausages
      Hell with the LI iced tea – the hurricane drinks are better !!
      yes first visit – the photo blog will appear when it appears

  2. Darlene says:

    Wow! Sounds like a great time was had by all! I’ve never been to New Orleans. I certainly would like to try some of those cajun dishes I hear about. I like spicy foods….

  3. DJ Myke says:

    The only way to eat crawfish is boiled whole, about five pounds at a time. Yumm!

  4. fiddlbarb says:

    How fun. New Orleans is definitely on my very long list of places I want to visit. Thanks so much for sharing some of your visit there. ~Barb~

  5. sounds like fun! I’ve never tasted a lot of that. I don;t know why on some of it, like the crawfish, because you can get them around here. I guess it;s just never come around, if you know what i mean. sounds like a fun restaurant and I loved your descriptions! 😀

    • sassyspeaks says:

      Thank you – coming from you a huge compliment since I love YOUR descriptions I did work on that a while – well why not try something different – food wise ?

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