Sand Castles

Children build castles

in the moist sand,

with spiraling towers,

and dreams just as high.


Envisioning mystical knights

saving ladies

making safe

all the land


As they grow up

and their dreams fade away,

they remember the castles

built by the sea.


Mystical knights, like the sand,

seep away

 with  the memories

in the warm summer sun


As the sea washes away

the castle towers,

so too, the  dreams wash away

by life’s incoming tide.




Written for a poetry challenge on MyBoomerPlace

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4 Responses to Sand Castles

  1. Oh my gosh! i think this is my favorite of your poems to date! I just love the bright sunshine/melancholy contrast between the imaginary childhood world and the real world. Excellent!

  2. bluerose says:

    ahh, the dreams of our youth… enjoyed this. Thanks for the friend request. I followed your link on boomers place to here. This is the link to my other blog. Glad I found you here.

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