The Devil’s Mistress in New Orleans Blogophilia 47.3

Hi! Remember me? I’m the Devil’s Mistress. For those of you who forgot my story I’ll try to summarize 

I am the Devil’s Mistress, not the Devil Himself (who I refer to as Mr.D, my lover’s boss). My lover is a member of Mr.  D.’s mid management team. The Devil collects souls It is the mid management team’s job to get to the client just before they die, grab the soul and send it along to Mr. D. Therefore knowledge of soul behaviour and skill in extraction is required.

I frankly think people would rather believe me from outer space than think that the Devil employs mid management personnel  

Just wanted to pop in and tell yo’ all (just back from the south) about our latest adventures. My lover invited me to New Orleans recently He would be working out of town and gone for a while so figured he’d make the trip part business and part pleasure.

The job did not involve his usual tasks but entailed his skills. It was also a joint venture with Mr..D.’s  New Orleans branch., the Louisiana Reapers (These reapers remove the souls of people, preferably just before they die and escort them until they move on into their afterlife. ) and the New Orleans Tourist Board. The Louisiana Reapers are ordinary reapers and do not work for Mr.. D as their clients do not have a contact with the Devil. However, it is a similar skill set as my lover’s and therefore qualified them for the New Orleans job

Every now and then Mr. D does cooperate with other companies that may not directly affect his interests but helps with good will among the other organizations working in the field.At some point he might need their help, as right now they need his help

 The job is not 9-5.  People die all the time, almost every minute of the day.  Therefore, as you might imagine teams are in place in every country in the world. And because time is of the essence, they require small regional squads in order to expediently reach the victim, I mean the client, in a timely fashion. The soul must be taken quickly right before death. The timing is crucial. Obviously, Mr.. D.’s team is huge and the loss of any employees on any given day ensues in a larger work load for the remaining colleagues. They can only hope, in these instances, that the work load (i.e. souls to be collected) diminishes to some extent in order to not over tax their resources.

Therefore, the New Orleans region called for outside help in order to not overly burden their workers.  Even so, everyone not on the Plantation job worked mega overtime as the loss of their co-workers naturally left them short handed. And, no, they did not receive overtime pay. They work for the Devil!  No overtime in Hell! However, it is possible the Louisiana Reapers did get overtime pay as their Collective Agreement is somewhat different than Mr.D.’s employees.

 I felt sorry for the fellows on the mid management team left at home as they had to work triple over time. The period between Christmas and New Years is high season for Mr. D since during this time many contracts come due to be paid in full.

The problem in New Orleans involved the old plantations around the city. The souls were getting caught in mirrors. Many in the world still  believe that you should cover a mirror if someone dies in a room so that their image is not reflected. They believe that the mirror will capture the dead person=s soul, thus preventing its entry into heaven. Some old passed down oral traditions state that the Devil invented mirrors for this specific purpose (a lie so my lover insists)

Too many plantations had become excessively haunted and the tourist trade was suffering. Tourists like some ghost -like experiences but if they are over done it becomes too frightening and the visitors are scared away

I really looked forward to this unexpected break in the routine. The overtime my lover was working due to the December rush of business and his wife’s nagging at him to be at home more (no divorce in Hell) meant we did not get to see much of each other.

One of the many perks, and, yes, they do exist, of working for Mr. D. is when we have to travel, commercial flights are not taken. We had a private jet for the group going south and travel in style, comfort and convenience He does not give a big fat Raspberry flavoured gummy frog about his carbon footprint.  It isn’t easy being green environmentally He’s the Devil and green isn’t his problem. He’s the prince of darkness not of greenness

I had a grand time in New Orleans. While the teams were working at night we out- of-towners would get together and hit the clubs in the French Quarter. The local spouses showed us around. Unfortunately, during Christmas break, the city becomes pretty crowded. As well the Saints were playing so football fans also streamed into the city. We were lucky that the locals in our group knew their way around the best clubs and we managed to see groups that the normal tourist does not have an opportunity to hear. The music is everywhere from jazz to Cajun, country and folk

During the day, when our spouses were off, we shopped, took tours of the city and dined in the fabulous restaurants. Even if one is not hungry, the smells wafting down the street would pull you into a restaurant just to taste whatever is making your nose wrinkle up in joy. New Orleans has so many sights to behold: the churches, architecture, museums and the swamps and the river. The citizens of New Orleans love to shop, eat and drink, not necessarily in that order. The malls in New Orleans are amazing. Magazine Street is 6 miles of shopping! The oysters (and you know what they are good for…) were small and sweet, the gumbo zesty and thick. The drinks large and smooth Who could ask for more?

Alas, due to the hard work of everyone, the problem was solved in a shorter time than anticipated. Apparently some of the plantations were not covering up their mirrors properly as they felt it interfered with the decor of the homes. The reapers ensured the mirrors were covered adequately; they extracted the souls from the haunted ones and sent them on their way. The New Orleans teams found quite a few souls that belonged to Mr.  D.  Apparently in order to get out of their contract some of them tried the “hide in the mirror” trick. These clients were harshly dealt with and Mr. D was quite pleased with the surprise addition to his coffers.  I was not pleased at having to leave the Big Easy for home as it had been a wonderful holiday.

We went home fully relaxed. Well I was relaxed. He was pooped from working all the time. The good music, food and congenial company left me calmed and refreshed Sometimes the stress from the work he did got to be too much. I had hung around with the spouses of the local and visiting teams. We shared the same issues and concerns and had the opportunity to mingle, vent and discuss these issues and concerns. I found it therapeutic

Written for Blogophilia

Blogophilia 47.3 Topic: “It Isn’t Easy Being Green”

 Bonus points:

(Hard, 2pts): incorporate outer space as a metaphor

(Easy, 1pt): mention a weird gummi animal


I’m attaching some pics we took while there – if you want to see more pics of N.O. my friend Sassy Sue did a photo blog of New Orleans. 


Swamp Scene



more fascinating tree

From the boat


Pigeon in tree - Jackson Square

House on Swamp

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31 Responses to The Devil’s Mistress in New Orleans Blogophilia 47.3

  1. bluerose says:

    “no overtime or divorce in hell” – I bet there’s a lot of people working for Mr. D that didn’t realize it. LOL enjoyed this, were imaginative.

    • sassyspeaks says:

      thank you very much Lori ! yes – I think Mr. D’s empoyees are all over the place this piece stems from an earlier blog which is on my space – will have to re do it at some point

  2. Irene Melgoza says:

    Love where you went with this! There are many that work for Mr. D and are not aware of it.

  3. Dave Coon says:

    I found this very interesting! 🙂 Could visualize the reapers union meeting!

    Thought your pictures at the bottom might contain bodies!

    • sassyspeaks says:

      Oh Dave – I never would have done that ! – only because I hadn’t thought of it ! just wanted to display more of my pics – I still have tons for other blogs.

      Yes as I was writing I remembered my union days

      thanks for commenting !

  4. crazypjs says:

    Wonderful, Sue! I love the imagery, I could picture those bad boys hiding in the mirrors just to stay out of Hell. Great use of you trip to New Orleans. 😀

  5. Sheri/falling feather says:

    You painted such a wonderful story, Sue. I love this kind of thing and you wrote it excellently ♥

  6. sassyspeaks says:

    thank you very much ! So glad you enjoyed it !

  7. Happy to see her back! And I absolutely love those photos!!!

  8. Years ago I lived in Louisiana, I loved it there. It is a place like no other. Enjoyed reading this.

  9. Marvin Martian says:

    8 points Earthling! Very interesting! New Orleans is a fascinating city and someday I hope to make my mark there! 🙂

  10. Hmmm, I always wanted to know what the Devil’s Mistress would be like. Too bad, Middle Management won’t leave the wife Lillith. I heard she was real demoness!

  11. DJ Myke says:

    Glad you had a good time here. Live the pictures. 🙂

  12. DJ Myke says:

    Should have said… LOVE the pictures.

  13. joaniethewriter says:

    Great writing here! you incorporated facts and I hope fiction…lol What a great weaving of your Mr. D storyline and your vacation….

  14. Just Jeff says:

    I still cant believe u were so close and in my hometown region and i missed you…fun we could have had!

    • sassyspeaks says:

      Well we weren’t in touch too much in December
      You are FIRST – and only I expect since everyone is replying on Facebook which is what I was afraid of
      Let’s keep better in touch ! 😀

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