Chester for Blogophilia 49.3

“Oh, Oh here comes trouble thought Joleene, the paralegal in the law firm. “Good afternoon, Chester,” she smiled. She noticed a slight flutter in her tummy.

Chester did not smile back. Instead, glowering, he asked “did you check over this brief for my court case tomorrow?”  “Yes I did. I corrected the section of the Act you referenced. I double checked and it is s 21(f) not 23(d) as you had indicated.” She cringed. With her head down she attempted to see if he had noticed.

Who does this little bitch think she is? Telling me, Chester, how to argue my court case. That point of law she showed me is irrelevant! 

In Chester’s eyes the paralegal always seemed determined to cause him problems. 

Chester shouted, “look you! I am the L.A.W.Y.E.R. here. You’re merely a little paralegal.”

Bringing herself up to her full 5’1″ and determined to appear composed, Joleene calmly said, “As you know, Chester, my job here is to research and double check the lawyers’ briefs so that they, meaning you, don’t make any mistakes in court. These sorts of errors can cost the case.” She patted her forehead feeling the tiny beads of sweat evaporate. Whew, I seem to have handled that ok.

As Chester played with the little stuffed dog on Joleene’s desk and with a faraway look in his eyes, he said, ”Well just give it to me” and  grabbed for  the papers.  “I will be the judge of what section of the Act will work in this case.”

Thoughts bounced around in Chester’s head. I came into the office with my brief for court. And just asked that paralegal a simple question. Why the firm insists we have one is beyond me. I told her what I needed for the case and she starts spouting case law. Then that little stuffed dog on her desk reminds me of when I was a kid and  used to investigate what makes animals tick.  People thought I would become a surgeon. Ha! A lawyer makes more money and has more control. 

Joleene handed over the papers, with a resigned look on her face realising no point would be served in disagreeing with Chester.  

Neither of them noticed the managing lawyer standing in the back of the office observing their conversation. He wondered why Chester seemed unable to work together with the office staff. Chester got along just fine with the other lawyers. 

I am the lawyer she’s just a paralegal. My 3 piece suit cost $1000. My tie is pure silk. My hair is cut by the very best. She, this snippet of a girl in her Wallmart outfit and sloppy hair, thinks she knows everything.

God I feel like Thor himself!

Anyway I showed her who has the upper hand. I am no weakling like my lilly livered  father was, the bastard.  My stomach feels like a roaring BBQ. Boy she sure made me feel like I wanted to reach out and touch someone!

Gotta get to my car My car. My pride and joy. A sleek Black BMW. top of the line – only the best for Chester !!

Ok. I have my black leather brief case in one hand and what the hell…What the hell is my right hand doing? It’s clenching and unclenching like I have a rubber exercise ball in my hand. Weird

I better hurry to the car park to beat the traffic. I just want to get home . To a drink or two of scotch and a good Cuban cigar. None of that Brazilian crap they sell around here for me

And I’ll talk to Priscilla. She’ll understand.


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 written for

Blogophilia 49.3 Topic: “In the Eyes of the Beholder

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): s-p-e-l-l out a word in conversation

(Easy, 1pt) : use the phrase “working together”


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22 Responses to Chester for Blogophilia 49.3

  1. Another Government Empoy says:

    Hmm.. Chester is in for a rude awakening….

  2. Irene Melgoza says:

    Chester sounds like an ass$#&%

  3. Thom says:

    I agree with Christopher and Irene…he’s a jerk and looks like he’ll be in for a big surprise!

  4. DJ Myke says:

    That Chester is one hateful hombre. I know, he had to do some things right to get to where he is, but odds are, he had forgotten most of it along the way. What do you bet, if he does not fare well in court, he will blame Joleene. Not a good thing to do. I know a girl named Joleene, and she is not one to be trifled with.

  5. falcon1974 says:

    I hope Chester decides to go with s. 23d. That way he loses the case and the fault is all his. 😀

    • sassyspeaks says:

      😀 good comment. Readers love to hate chester . Nah, he knows better he will go with what Joleene told him to go with. that is why he is so infuriating to others. Actually the real Jo wants to do a comic version of Priscilla and Chester. But I haven’t taken the course yet

  6. Good character study of Chester! heh-heh, way to go Joleene 😉 You tell ‘im!

  7. bluerose says:

    I like that you go into Chester’s thought processes with the little stuffed dog. It makes him seem real and believable. It also hints at the source of his anger, like it goes back to his childhood where something changes and makes him go from caring for animals to only caring about money and status.

  8. liam says:

    love this… sorry been so absent still cant seem to convince mybody i am well. u kno the whole mind over matter thing. 🙂

  9. Marvin Martian says:

    8 points Earthling! 🙂 Chester is a power molester!

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