The Forest



A stroll in the forest.  

Leaves in trees, lazily flutter,

branches squeak

playing hide and seek, creatures scamper.

mind’s soothing thoughts nestle,

gentle breezes brush skin,

twittering of bird calls,

shadows play in the sun,

nature’s scents tickle,

bright hills dappled.

Forest adorned in a cowl.

The nose twitches; fetid air.

Shadows ooze;

a cellar’s chill.

the sun bows to the moon.

The mind grows restless.

Claws scurry to shelter.

The hoot of the owl;

souls whisper.

Hairs prickle the skin.

Screams of crunching twigs;

Leaves howl



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4 Responses to The Forest

  1. shadows ooze – i LOVE that line. lots of other good ones, too, like the sun bows to the moon, but that was my fav 🙂

    Great write!

    • sassyspeaks says:

      LMAO – thought of you with the ooze word – you do influence my writing – glad you picked up on the bow to the moon – that is my fav – it just popped out as they often do – 😀 😀

  2. bluerose says:

    “Forest adorned in a cowl.” – wonderful imagry! everyone flees when the darkness comes; it can be read on so many levels. great poem!

    • sassyspeaks says:

      Oh thank you so much Lori ! That means a lot to me – even though I had one thought in mind, it could be read on several levels – and that is a good thing for a poem 😀

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