Sigh – yet more snow

It snowed again….

Last week at Peer Learning class - the geese were out and that is old snow behind them


Close up


this morning - tree in back of yard


In the spring .... this is a rose bush


Branches of tree


More branches - just glad the snow was not so heavy as to break them off

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6 Responses to Sigh – yet more snow

  1. We got snow as well and it has not stopped coming down…I was so ready to put the winter clothes away into storage….

  2. Gorgeous shots! Loved the goose and the tree especially 😀

    thank goodness we’re done with all that now. I took some pics the other day that I need to take off soon…

    bundle up!!

    • sassyspeaks says:

      thank you for saying so – I’ve become a bit self conscious about my photography lately – you and several other freinds take such amazing shots – I’m always so glad, in so many ways, that we met 😀

  3. bluerose says:

    I like that 2nd to last shot of the tree. It looks like the snow is frozen onto the branches. I never get to see stuff like that where I live.

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