A Crazy Twist of Fate Blogophilia 5.4

The movie had just let out and Merta and Gilda are standing outside the theatre waiting for their uncle to take them home. Uncle Michael is a Minister and spends as much time as he can with the twins. He is busy talking to some parishioners who he met in the lobby; the girls are impatiently waiting.

As they watch the goings on around them, two girls about their own age, they are seven, glide up and ask for the time. They look kinda strange to Merta and Gilda; all dressed in black. One girl has long brown hair and the biggest eyes they’ve ever seen; the other has short black hair all spiked up and sticking out every which way. Both Merta and Gilda have blue eyes and curling blonde hair

Merta, the more forward of the two, gives the time and out of boredom asks, “What are your names? And why are you out alone after dark? I’m Merta.” She gestures to her sister, “This is Gilda.”

“I’m Crimson.” from the brown haired girl and pointing to the other child, “This is Ruby. When we finished our baseball game tonight the head master of our school, just outside of town, asked us to go to the store. But when we asked if we could get a ride to town, he said no because this is our punishment for hanging around the creek one night. So we had to walk into town and back. We usually play with our friend Rednick too, but the head master said he couldn’t come with us on the errand cause when the three of us are together we get into too much trouble We miss him cause he’s lots of fun.”

Ruby piped up. “Do you guys have any pets?”

“We used to have two bunnies,” from Merta.. “One was a girl bunny and one a boy bunny. And we even married them. Uncle Michael performed the ceremony. He loves to play with us, he’s like a big brother. But they got sick and went to Heaven.”

Crimson and Ruby look at each other and though no words were spoken something was communicated one to the other.

Crimson said, “We have a bunny too at the school. His name is Bunnicula and is a very good pet. He likes tomatoes, mostly. Funny, we found him at a movie theater too. We also have a cat named Chester but he is kinda mean.”

All of a sudden, Gilda the quiet twin, eyes bursting out of their sockets, says, “That’s not cricket, that you still have a nice bunny and we don’t have any bunny!”

That Gilda. She does not speak often, but when she does, gets right to the point.

While the girls stand and talk, a street performer dances by – it’s Zodiak the Kodiack grizzly bear tap dancing down the street, but the girls don’t even notice, so absorbed are they in their conversation.

Such a crazy twist of fate that the twins, Merta and Gilda, meet Crimson and Ruby, two of the students from the boarding school, outside of town.

“So long Michael” the girls hear someone say.

Their uncle rushes up to his nieces. “Come on girls let’s go before your mother starts to worry.”

By this time, Crimson and Ruby have disappeared into the night

written for:

Blogophilia 5.4 Topic: “A Crazy Twist of Fate

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts):Mention 3 Sports

(Easy, 1pt):Use Tap Dancing

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27 Responses to A Crazy Twist of Fate Blogophilia 5.4

  1. Another Government Empoy says:

    The twins disappeared…..

    Sounds like a sequel may be coming.

    • sassyspeaks says:

      Hi Chris and Welcome !
      Crimson and Ruby disappear into the night, not the twins. They go home to Mamma with Uncle Michael.
      The series for the twins started with two prior writes. The series for Crimson, except for a prior blog mention, not yet as the prompts are not appropriate
      It is all Mr. M’s fault 😀

  2. Chuck says:

    Surprised Rednick didn’t follow/come anyway

  3. Marvin Martian says:

    Very nice how you tied all together and even got the prompts in!! And, uh, *ahem* topics and bonus suggestions come from the writers.. haha!! 8 points, Earthling!! 😀

  4. bluerose says:

    makes me want to go back and reread the Easter Dress, to see if you gave us any clues about the bunnies [but I can kind of guess after reading the story about Crimson and the fishermen ;]].

    • sassyspeaks says:

      I will e mail you the twins and their bunnies story – I read my Crimson yesterday in class but wrong audience for it. And Jo mentioned that it is not clear that she is the main character

  5. Marvin Martian says:

    8 points Earthling! 🙂

    Had me going there for a minute with the sport ‘glide’!
    I took it as glider races in the air or paragliding with parachutes, either way you nailed it!

  6. sharonlee says:

    Way cool Sassysue!

  7. crazypjs says:

    Sue you have a great story going here, I loved it. Wow, Marvin is on a roll! Aren’t you the lucky one! LOL I don’t see how Marvin does as well as he does, I get lost often reading and can’t remember either.

  8. Lori says:

    Good blogophilia write Sassy. BUnnicula I remember reading him to my third graders, cute video at teh end

  9. Irene Melgoza says:

    Oh, but something tells me that the twins ( Crimson & Ruby ) will show up again. Great story thus far!

    • sue says:

      Crimson and Ruby are not twins and are from another series. Berta and gilda are from a couple of stories I have written. I needed a crazy twist of fate !! Thanks Irene 😀

  10. joaniethewriter says:

    I think it is a crazy twist of fate that they met at that exact time and place and they all had bunnies… I can not wait to have you continue this! too bad i do not have martian powers… I would give you 8 points, like this and give kudos and and well just say it was a swell story! lol

    • sassyspeaks says:

      wow Joanie ! thank you! this was written to go with the prompts – but I may have to carry one – we shall see – not sure how can tie the bunny angle together – 😀

  11. DJ Myke says:

    This was a very fun story. Love your characters here. 🙂

  12. I have that bear video on my PC and watch it now and then 😉

    ha ha! Love Bunnicula’s cameo mention 😀 Just what does he do to those tomatoes? As a tomato myself, I worry about these things 😉

    (I am slowly catching up! yay!)

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