Running Away in my Mind

Running away in my mind

escaping reality

the chores and the mundanities

of daily life


Running away in my mind

I sit with my computer

tapping away on  keys




with on line friends I will never meet


Yet they are more true to me than the “friends”

in the “real” world

more intimate

more interesting

more humourous

running away in my mind


Maybe I am insane

forsaking spouse, home and parent

to, instead, rumble around in my head

bringing out appetizers and full course

meals, composed of words


The process is very meditative like

it resolves internal issues

I did even know existed

as the words literally

bleed out on the screen

cleansing my brain


Forced to think and create

releasing  in its own way

restful and exhausting, both

running away in my mind




liberating it ?


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6 Responses to Running Away in my Mind

  1. Love this and ma totally on board 😉 Hubby complains about that exact “forsaking spouse” thing ALLL the time!

  2. bluerose says:

    OMG, I’m so far behind on chores ;]! really relating to this poem, especially “it resolves internal issues”. It think that makes it ‘liberating’. 😀

  3. Spirit Free says:

    “Bleed out on the screen” love this line

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