My Rain Sodden Garden

My Neighbour on a sunny day


Ground Cover top of Garden


Ground Cover - bottom of garden


Orange tulip with water drops


Pink tulips with droplets



Purple tulip in back of house


Sodden bush in back of house


Yellow plant at front of house

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6 Responses to My Rain Sodden Garden

  1. Barbara Boggs says:

    The flowers are gorgeous. Such beautiful colors. Spring flowers blooming are a promise of new beginnings fulfilled.

  2. very pretty!! I love all the flowers – that orange tulip with the water drops in an especially good pic! 😀

  3. bluerose says:

    Great pics! I like how you planted the pink tulips with purple ground cover. I like ground covers. Mine are through blooming as it’s getting too hot here for them now. The lantana, marigolds, and sunflowers are starting to bloom now. We had a really short spring this year :[ Glad to see the rain hasn’t ruined all the beautiful colors in your garden ;]

    • sassyspeaks says:

      No, the rain didn’t ruin them – don’t know when the rest of the plants will go into the ground though. Yeas we like ground cover too – we have clay so becomes like concrete and the rain doesn’t soak in – I could take more pics now – more things in bloom

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