Azaleas and more A Photo Blog for Blogophilia 15.4

Sunday was a beautiful June day; blue sky, warm and soft breeze. It would have been sheer madness if we hadn’t taken advantage of the perfect weather. We and another couple took a road trip to a lake town two hours away. The day was filled with gorgeous scenery and great company. On the way we stopped off at a park full of Azaleas. Our eyes just about popped out of our heads from the festival of colour that greeted us. We felt like dancing a Samba around the full bloomed bushes. No rabbits were seen scampering through the park though we felt quite lazy and, even, slothful.

In the evening we arrived home totally relaxed.

 These photos, and many more, were taken Sunday of the Azaleas and the boardwalk by the lake.

(I had problems posting them here so another photo blog will be needed :D)



Reds and Purples




Mixed Colours


Yes, the reds are really this bright


Between the trees to the beach

Sun peeking through the trees


The Lake

Clam digging?

Working Light House

Going home

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27 Responses to Azaleas and more A Photo Blog for Blogophilia 15.4

  1. The flowers look so pretty and so do the rest of the pictures….

  2. great write Sassy I signed up so hopefully will get notices when you write. Beautiful pics I love those flowers

  3. DJ Myke says:

    Love your intro, and you pictures are very nice. Flowers are breathtaking, and I do not mean due to hay fever.

    I really have a thing for light houses. This one is perfect, Sue.

  4. sharonlee says:

    Gorgeous photos Sassysue! Gorgeous!

  5. Blogophilia says:

    Those are some beautiful photos!!! Really enjoyed this!!

  6. Wow, what beautiful flowers!!! The many different hues are breathtaking. I am glad you got to go out and enjoy the beauty of nature. Lovely lake and lighthouse shots!!!! Loved it…..


  7. Darlene~Bloggity Blogger~ says:

    Love your pictures! We have lots of azalas here, but I’ve never seen yellow or orange. I’d love to see them close up!!!!!!!

  8. bluerose says:

    absolutely gorgeous! the colors are amazing, especially the first one. And, the beach between the trees makes me want to go for a swim 😀

  9. BEAUTIFUL!!! Yeah, it deserves all caps! I love, love, love those photos! The Azaleas are beautiful and the beach photos are so cool… Fantastic! 😀

  10. Michelle K says:

    Beautiful photos.. I especially love the orange azaleas.

  11. Liam says:

    beautiful pix

  12. joaniethewriter says:

    You are a fantastic photographer! I can see that you take time in composing your shots!

    I have made it a habit to stop and smell the flowers in the last few years, Summer goes by so quick after our dreary winters! Right now, we are due for another rainy week,…. sigh….

    • sassyspeaks says:

      We had a pink rosebush just outside the back door – the smell was marvelous! We had to move it to the front so harder to smell

      That is so sweet of you to say about my photos – thank you!

      We’re going away for part of next week so of course will be cool – prob stinking hot when we get back.
      thanks again !

  13. Marvin Martian says:

    8 points Earthling! Beautiful pictures!!

  14. Wow, I especially loved those first 2 beach pictures… and that clam digging picture looks like it could be a writing prompt for a short story 😉

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