Six Sentence Sunday June 12

Yea! It’s Sunday and time for Six Sentence Sunday

Every week participants post six sentences from something they are writing – or have written. It’s a lot of fun and really a great way to meet new writers!

And I’ve met some terrific people. Thank you !

Be sure to check out the other great participants and thanks so much for stopping by!

Last Sunday felt like a holiday but I sure missed you guys. Feel free to check out my photo blog 🙂

This week I’m posting again from my WIP, The Devil’s Mistress

I welcome any  and all comments as I’m not sure how this reads. She’s thinking about an old boyfriend.

It seemed to go  well. He was cute, amusing, ambitious and their bed time, pleasant. He worked as a communications officer for a large company. After three months she noticed he seemed to work late many nights, skipped lunch dates and when they were together his cell phone was constantly in use, either voice or text; he was on call 24/7.  Her hackles went up and she wanted to flee. But she stuck it out..Finally, after six months she told Steve that since he preferred his job and cell phone to her she would quit the picture and leave the two to their affair.  She told him he made her feel like a fish on a bicycle.

for all you young’uns out there – here is where the expression comes from








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37 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday June 12

  1. Nice Six Sassy. I can tell she misses him even though he made her awkward. Bet he was sexy.
    Kristin Wolfgang

  2. Ahh that’s sad, I think she did the right thing though. I’ll look forward to the next snippet.

  3. A fish on a bicycle? Not heard that expression before, but it made me laugh and WOOT her finally leaving him. She definitely made the right decision… maybe he’ll realize what he’s lost and change his priorities. Was it work keeping him out late, or a mistress? Hmmm you’re six have left me wanting to read on to find out 🙂 Fab six! Looking forward to see where to take this in future SSSs. And thanks so much for dropping by my six and commenting, feedback is really appreciated xx

    • sassyspeaks says:

      Never heard the expression eh? Well you got its meaning – this is from Devil’s Mistress – remember – so we know who she ends up with – thanks for the validation on that line – much appreciated

  4. Fish on a bicycle – that’s good!

  5. Sounds like a common problem anymore, and she did the right thing in the past. Is he going to mess with her in this story?

  6. lol that fish comment was unexpected. never heard that before.

  7. gayleramage says:

    lol, fish on a bicycle. I’m sure there was an advert in the UK which had that image. Anyway, I digress. Great six and yep, sounds like he wasn’t really into her enough.

    • sassyspeaks says:

      I’m sure you’re correct about the ad – sounds like something the UK would do and it has been used in all sorts of stuff. And you are correct again-he was not into her to a sufficient degree, not like her new lover is. Thanks for the great comment

  8. When she says there bedtime was pleasant, I’m thinking it was actually dull. If he prefers his phone over her, it’s no wonder. Hopefully things go better with the new man and their bedtime is much more than pleasant. 😉

    • sassyspeaks says:

      Good for you to catch that – right bedtime not the greatest. And with her current lover pleasant is the last word she would think of to describe their lovemaking 😀 Thanks much!

  9. Lauri J Owen says:

    He sounds like a jerk and she is better off without him. Love the use of Gloria Steinem’s “fish on a bicycle” quote. 😀

  10. IDatting myself I guess, but during the women’s lib era there that was a common expression on posters all over the place: A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle..

    Nice six.

  11. Sorry for the errors, but as I was typing my reply, all I saw was a bblack comment box. Wasn’t sure anything would turn up.

  12. J.C. Martin says:

    I liked it–good background story. And thanks for the link to the phrase. I’m one of those young ‘uns who’s not heard of it!

  13. Lynne Murray says:

    Pleasant in bed is better than unpleasant in bed, but that boyfriend doesn’t sound like a keeper! There’s a better boyfriend to come for sure–fun six!

  14. allurevansanz says:

    Howdy, Sue. A depressing excerpt, but builds curiosity. Well done.

    Allure Van Sanz

  15. J.A. Beard says:

    That last line really seals it. I think even for younger people who don’t know the source, it gets your point across.

  16. Lindsay says:

    Great six. Glad she dumped the dumb ass. Guess he’s better served by his phone

  17. Lindsay says:

    I saw the link at the bottom of the post and couldn’t figure it out. Interesting and very true expression

  18. “since he preferred his job and cell phone to her she would quit the picture and leave the two to their affair” – still makes me giggle! 😀

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