BBQ -–they came and they went– for Blogophilia 19.4

Saturday we held our annual BBQ. This is about the 8th year we’ve been hosting it. We provide meat (chicken and lamb) and wine; guests bring desserts or salads and lawn chairs. Every year the weather has been perfect. If it rained, it stopped before the event started. If it had been too hot, it cooled down before the event started. Not this year. It was stinking hot—and then the rains came. I guess we were due for bad weather for a change.

After everyone had finished eating and just before the desserts were brought out, the clouds gathered, decided they liked it here, brought their friends and eventually thunder, lightening and rain joined them.

Before the sky darkened, I noticed that my spouse, the one with a shirt “Licensed to Grill” was not around. I went into the house and found him in his chair not well at all. The combination of the heat of the day, heat from the BBQ fire and his hot flashes—which he still gets as still on hormone meds—had left him not well at all. I will spare you the nitty grttiy details—not pretty. I wanted to take a pic of him but friends persuaded me perhaps not. In a few hours the rain stopped and he was fine

In a sense it was fortunate that he became ill just as the rains started. People cleaned up the back yard quickly and efficiently and then I sent people home.

 I was not able to take many pics this year. I was busy talking about writing, naturally, and by the time I got any food most of the salads were gone. So the photos here are from this year with a few from last year just to round it all out



It had rained the night before and in the morning the birds availed themselves of a bath in the puddles


Everything is set up before the hordes descend


Take a good look. They are all wearing the same shoes!!


Quel Merde. Where’s the corkscrew to open this wine? It’s lost. May, ever helpful, handed me a nail file to open it with. Paul raced out of the house. We found the corkscrew! Cheers all around!!


BBQ Fire


“I swear! It was THIS big!”


“I’m your father! So I am right! Case closed!”


Looks like he hasn’t eaten since BBQ last year!


Catherine is an artist


from last year since no time for desserts this year. A Spanish flan


Before the rains started I had been speaking with Catherine about her latest paining. She didn’t know what to call it. She described it as the back of a young girl with bare feet and a chemise, looking out of a French looking louvered window, with a gentle breeze blowing the curtains, toward a view of a lake and the shore on the other side. It sounded quite haunting. She wasn’t sure if the girl was just day dreaming, or saying good morning to the world (it could have been evening for all Catherine knew). Painting is like writing sometimes in that something is written or painted and the artiest does not know where it came from.  It sounded like a wonderful piece and I told her not to worry about the title; it would come to her.


Catherine's Painting


Written for

Blogophilia 19.4 Topic: Lost and Found

 Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): use a foreign expression Quel Merde – French – Oh Shit

(Easy, 1pt): mention a nail file


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19 Responses to BBQ -–they came and they went– for Blogophilia 19.4

  1. The painting is very pretty…Not counting the rain it looks like you had a good time..

  2. bluerose says:

    Ha, ha! Laughing at the caption under the father-son pic! and the matching shoes! When there is a party the wine shall be opened… come hell or high water. Shame you couldn’t just send the rain to Texas.

    ps. your friend is a wonderful artist

    • sassyspeaks says:

      😀 I didn’t notice the matching shoes til I printed the pic. One is Bernie, one is a friend from here and one is a friend from elsewhere. I laughed when I saw that. Yeah have no idea what father and sone were discussing but their expressions are priceless.

  3. Lindsay says:

    Love the photos. The paintin is outstanding

  4. tyler says:

    Here for all these years I thought Merde meant “break a leg” or “good luck”

  5. DJ Myke says:

    Looks like you all hve this neighborhood gathering down pat. Can’t help the weather.

    We always have ours indoors, and after the grilling is sone outdoors. Of course, we live in a jungle. This past weekend, we were under a black bear alert, all the more reason to stay indoors after dark.

    Very nice pictures and captions. You have a great knack for mixing those well.

  6. Marvin Martian says:

    8 points Earthling! 🙂 Loved the way you worked in the prompts!

  7. joaniethewriter says:

    Sorry to hear hubby did not feel well! Your pictures told a wonderful story!

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