Wind Turbines and G Stings for Blogophilia 22.4

Frank and his brother are twins with different dates of birth. Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, doesn’t it? Not a joke, but a true story; trust me.

Meeting interesting people is always a treat; and the great thing is, you never know when or where these unique personalities will show up in life.

In June, while on holiday in a town about four hours fromLondon, we encountered just such an individual. He’s a sculptor we met while touring around Prince Edward County, taking in the cheese, the wine, the lake and the arts scene.

The Lake


The Cheese


pic by sue, design by Lori Epperson

For the art portion we decided to check out the venue of La De Dah Studio. No, I am not making this up. That is the name of Frank de la Roche’s sculpture studio. Sorta tells you something about the place right off the bat, or paddle.
We found the place, parked, looked around at the gorgeous scenery; the property houses his studio, house and on the other side, his twin’s home. I wasn’t kidding about the twin part, just hang in there; it’ll all become clear, eventually. We walked up the yellow brick road and through the door.

First off, I gotta say, I’ve been to many sculpture exhibitions and usually they are boring. And did I mention uninteresting? Most often they are massive hunks of iron, or tin or some such in no discernable design with ridiculous names like Project #33 1/8 or Belgian Waffle.

A pleasant surprise greeted us at this gallery. The spaciousness and light, with windows overlooking the greenery, invited us to come on in and stay a while.

I noticed the caretaker; it was Frank, actually, seemed preoccupied with some computer thing so we wandered around on our own. If I liked the place I would wait til he was free and then speak to him; if not I would leave and let him carry on with whatever he was doing.

I’m not easily impressed. I was very impressed with what I saw. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pics so had to grab some stuff from my pal Google. All the sculpture posted in this blog is by Frank de la Roche.

One of the first pieces we noticed was entitled “G string”. That’s what it was. Many of the pieces were carved in wood –very smooth and polished; beautiful to view and sensual to touch.

This will give you an idea

I’m pretty sure the title is not if you love me but I had to get the prompt in somehow.

Sculture by Frank de la Roche

Everything was humourous, well crafted and, like wine to the soul, beautiful.

Example of his humour


Devil’s Paint Brush – took the pic thinking could use in my devil story

 Frank gave the history of this piece also. It went back to when the brothers were children. And guess which one was the devil of a child?

He eventually did finish with whatever and we did start to chat.

A totally fascinating and charming man.  My neck ached after the hour spent with him;  I am very short and he is very tall. His laugh is catching, he finds humour in anything, his eyes behind his glasses sparkles and his enthusiasm for everything left me better informed on any number of subjects from local restaurants to wind turbines.

Wind turbines are a hot topic in the County. Proponents of this form of energy, including the government of Ontario, want to install wind turbines but if they put them where they wish, the tourist industry, which the county depends on, may be lost. These groups wish to place the turbines in the lake but too close to shore; hence the noise factor (and many more issues all of which are not really relevant to the prompts in this blog) would be disruptive. The residents would prefer the turbines go further out into the lake and hope for a change in topography. The topic took up a great deal of discussion time and I learned more than I really cared to know about wind energy.

After that topic ran out of wind, we learned more about the artist.

As you may gather, Frank is a delightful person to talk to, friendly, interesting, and knowledgeable about many subjects. He told us his twin shares the property. But his brother, whose name we never learned, is boring. I did get the impression that the brothers are good friends but two different individuals you’ll not easily find.

“My brother is dull. For god’s sakes, he’s the CEO of a huge corporation and I am me.”

His hand gestures, pointing to himself and his exaggerated body language said even more than his words.

“We even have different birth dates.”

Yes, I hear you, finally she got to the point!

I looked at him, curious. “How can that be?”

“Well, he was born just before midnight. I knew what he was gonna be like and I wanted no part of it! So I waited and came out a little after midnight. Hence, two different dates of birth.”

His high pitched guffaw shook the room. And I was laughing in anticipation of his next line.

Finally we had to leave for the winery, though I almost hated to go; it’s so rare to meet such an engaging person.

There were more funny stories but I’ve covered all the prompts now, so enjoy the video


 written for

Blogophilia 22.4 Topic: “If You Love Me …. “

 Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): include the word topography

(Easy, 1pt): mention the yellow brick road

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23 Responses to Wind Turbines and G Stings for Blogophilia 22.4

  1. tyler says:

    I usually like really scultures – even some of the huge abstract one

  2. sharonlee says:

    Fascinating & entertaining as always.

  3. Most interesting.

    There used to be a house in my neighborhood we called the Crayola House. The rather bland exterior was dressed up with window frames of primary colors. Sadly, that owner moved and the subsequent one reverted it back to the bland beige.

  4. Irene Melgoza says:

    Interesting post!

  5. good write Sassy he sounds like quite the character, the pieces were good that you showed

  6. Liam says:

    i have some friends like that only they are triplets and only one of them has a different birthday and i donthink they are as intent on life’s exciting journey as de la Roche. Sounds pretty cool, great post my friend.

  7. 8 points Earthling! 🙂 You are so lucky to have visited his studio and view his works first hand!

  8. Sallon says:

    Love the pictures! Good write.

  9. How delightful ~ I don’t get to museums too much but this reminds me I really should! Very cool and a fascinating video, too. 😀

  10. bluerose says:

    He is a fascinating guy! I watched the videos and was inspired by the things he said that inspired some of his pieces. Thanks for introducing him to us 🙂

  11. joaniethewriter says:

    Better late than never having been here! lol

    I think I would have really enjoyed meeting him too! The video showed how beautiful the grounds are, I can see why you were reluctant to leave.

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