Blues Fest for Blogophilia 24.4

Johnny Winter

strumming guitar

clapping hands

in big tent


streets closed

city echoes  blues music

sweat, beer and smoke


through the air 


strumming guitar

hands a clapping


salty lips

need more water  


rotten humidity

a wet wool blanket

bearing down 

fibers go up nose

and stifle


strumming guitar

hands a clapping


tent vibrates

drone of the crowd


bobbling  heads

jiggling  butts –

first one cheek then the other

dancin’ in rhythm

to the sound


plenty of eye candy

always a treat


the blues

what’s mine is yours


guitar strums

hands clap


rain forecast 

not a drop


people jam packed

like berries in the jar

singing the blues

hands clapping

feet stomping


I was fascinated by all the different hats

Here. Take a look








check out the guys standing also

this was the prettiest one


written for:

Blogophilia 24.4 Topic: “What’s Mine is Yours”

 Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): Paraphrase ‘Goethe’

(Easy, 1pt): include something rotten

original quote: Beauty is everywhere a welcome guest.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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22 Responses to Blues Fest for Blogophilia 24.4

  1. liam says:

    >:) i like eye candy LOL good post.

  2. well done my friend, this made me smile

  3. tyler says:

    Now you have me searching for my old rober Cray cassettes…..

  4. I saw Johnny Winter about, er, uh, however many years ago. Very good show. What is it about a blues fest that invites hot weather?

  5. bluerose says:

    I love hats. I bet some of those guys are covering up receding hair lines 😉

    Love the ending in this version of the poem!

  6. 8 points Earthling! 🙂 Plenty of eye candy…LOL!

  7. joaniethewriter says:

    You are always out and about going somewhere fun! I enjoy your picture blogs! It is like I went to the store and bought my own penny candy….. I mean eye candy! yummy!

    I can take your vacations and not have to pay for them! Thanks!

  8. DJ Myke says:

    I just love a good outdoors concert, especially when we are roughing it. Bluegrass festivals are always a blast…

    Nice Hats… 🙂

  9. great write and I will have to chow my brother the hat photos – he loves hats!

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