Old Codgers for Blogophilia 28.4

Someone mentioned recently that four years ago, when Blogophilia started, no one really thought of the long term and that it would still be zooming along four years later. Albeit with slightly different personnel. I myself have only been a member of the family for a bit over a year. Some of the original people still write, some more regularly than others. Marvin the Martian, whom I refer to fondly as Mr. M. still adds up the points and doles out the prizes. No one seems to know who he is. I believe he is a writer himself, though, since his comments give that impression. He still has his faithful commander K as his side kick and perhaps muse?

During this time some writers have started themes, characters and story lines that have carried on and been expanded and shaped. Other writers have borrowed these stories. What’s mine is yours is the family motto.

Maybe we can go on writing forever?

Unfortunately, we are all spread apart geographically and cannot be warehoused in the same “retirement” home all together. Now wouldn’t that be a hoot??

We all begged our relatives, if you love me, don’t put me in the home. But they did it anyway.

We would drive the staff crazy with our hebdomadally chanting of – it’s 7 pm on Monday I can’t go to bed now. I cannot do what you tell me to do now – it’s 7 pm on Monday – Blogophilia opens another week.

The stories and characters started would still be going on and with poor memories no one would remember anyway.

I can’t conceive what computers would be like 10 or 20 years from now. I don’t have that kind of imagination. But I wonder. How small could they be and still allow old eyes to see the screen. Or maybe we would just have a Blogophilia chip inserted into our head. That would solve a lot of problems, maybe, though it would be confusing. We wouldn’t have to type our stories out on a screen with a keyboard – we could just think them. But as people thought of comments, I expect the clamor of David’s anxious voice and Myke’s southern drawl with Ruggi’s Dutch accent and Sharon’s lilting Austrian voice – the noise level may be unacceptable. I will leave these details to my more creative colleagues and I will just envision the future with the equipment we now use.

Marvin would reside at a home also; and it would be located in Roswell.. He insists he is a Martian from Mars. When someone does something he likes he says, “8 points Earthling!” And then he does his funny little dance, while playing a flute. Sort of a skip, and hop and twirl; it’s really cute. But the nursing staff don’t think so. One of the nurses had the nerve to say, “yeah and it’s raining Martians!” Well, she never said that again. Marvin with great zeal zapped her with his zany ray gun.

Some things wouldn’t change. For example, Barbara would still post first and still juggle blogs and poetry as she does today. Unfortunately, her memory is shot so she may write different versions of the same thing not remembering that she already posted it.

Colleen will not go anywhere without her trusty camera – even if it’s just to the washroom, just in case something fascinating is there. As she does now, she would live in Florida, and would get out doors more often than some of us in northern climes, so the camera is still a good idea. Eyesight permitting. And she would still enjoy the antics of the newest Tommy, even if the nurses are not so appreciative.

Tyler would yearn for his beloved miata and muses ……… and when not actually writing or reading, be lost in his own little world of Hilary Duff and the town he owns together with David. Or so he believes.

Liam would still be too young for retirement and anyway he wouldn’t be able to leave Ireland. His brother keeps duct taping him to the couch as he can’t get out of the house.

Christopher, now retired from the government with that fat pension of his, could actually travel around and visit everyone.

Joanie would speak in acrostic poetry and drive the nursing home staff insane.

Sallon would still be Sallon – I don’t know that she ages. Wiser, yes.

Dave would need a new nick name as he would be retired from auto mechanics but his beautiful and wield thoughts would motor along; his face would still be blue.

Irene and her twin would be set down in the same nursing home. In the same room. Closeness is one thing but two crotchety old ladies… not sure how that would work out.

Jay would be retired with no more need to run from dogs. Though he still won’t go near them. The staff would have to mix his veggies in with his Cheetos, otherwise he won’t eat them And he would make the postie at the home deliver the mail personally – grouchy old coot. He can’t run anymore so just races his wheel chair. He has obtained a special set of tires for this purpose.

Now Ruggi is one of the more lucky ones – the nursing homes in Holland are wonderful. And the food is divine. He’s gotten quite fat and his long beautiful hair has fallen out. He is bald.

David would constantly nag the nurses to take him to the zoo. No one ever figures out why.

Lisa Kessler still thinks she is writing books. If the nurses want to get her to sit up and behave, they just tell her it’s a book signing and then she’s all smiles.

Boomie likes the wacky tobbacy. Myke claims he knows nothing about it. The staff don’t trust Myke (what’s yours is mine, remember?). Boomie is a bit annoyed with Myke. George, Myke’s new gerbil, has taken Boomie’s place as best buddy.

So? What do you think? Can we keep it going long enough?


I liked the My Space Reference here 😀

that would be Jay I expect…


Written for

Blogophilia 28.4 Topic: “It’s Raining Martians!!”

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): include the word “Hebdomadally”

(Easy, 1pt): mention a ‘gerbil’ and name it

Some earlier prompts make a cameo appearance also *


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33 Responses to Old Codgers for Blogophilia 28.4

  1. Ev says:

    Great write. Sharonlee is Australian, though.

  2. clarkster says:

    And what would SassySue be doing, hmmm?

  3. Lisa Kessler says:


    Is this the book signing? LOL

    That was funny Sue! 🙂

    *a 4 year Blogophilia old codger* 🙂

  4. *Thundering claps while holding his side from laughing so hard*

    I do believe we have nursing homes on Mars quite capable of taking care of ALL the blogophiliacs!! I wouldn’t leave Earth without them!!

    –splendid summation… though I think Jay would be upset that Tyler is dreaming about his Hilary!! 😀

  5. Ohhh!! My memory may be the first to go than the Old Codgers!! Hahahahaha!! 8 points, Earthling!! *dancing my little twirl* 😀

  6. Tyler says:

    Damn you almost make nursing homes sound appealing and I was so planning on moving in with my daughter instead of going the nursing route. *Shakes head and wonders*

  7. ROTFLMAO, so cute Sassy, I’d like to be at the same nursing home even though I’d don’t write for Blogophilia anymore, that’s a great group to be around. SEnding a big group hug to the group

  8. Awwww, I love it!!! A nursing home for the Blogophiliacs! Yes you know I always have a camera on me…. and I have actually taken photos in the washroom, of artwork and interesting faucets in fancy places.

    The nurses will just have to get used to Tommy and his antics. I hope they allow catnip in the place at least…. It is really amazing that Blogopohilia has been going strong for over 4 years. We have persevered and I am honored to be part of such a fantastic group of writers. What a wonderful experience it has been! HUGS

    • sassyspeaks says:

      Yeah actually I have also taken pics in washroom – great cuban sink in the cigar store in picton. Well between Tommy and Zodiac the home will have its hands full! Thanks for being here 😀

  9. Lindsay says:

    I’ll never grow old

  10. Leta says:

    Awww… this was sooooo cute!!! I laughed and laughed and then, laughed some more. The thought of being in a Nursing home isn’t far from us….. hahahaha!!! I love Blogophilia and that the Marvins have managed to keep it together, as much as they could.

    Thanks for this, SassySue! 😀 *hugggs for all*

  11. Sue says:

    My pleasure 😀

  12. bluerose says:

    LOL! Sounds like a fun bunch. This is my favorite line: “If the nurses want to get her to sit up and behave, they just tell her it’s a book signing and then she’s all smiles.”

  13. Sue says:

    😀 🙂 she liked it too

  14. joaniethewriter says:

    I would like nothing better than to grow old with my Blogophiliac family. Hmmm… maybe I should say grow older! 4 years have past in the blink of an eye! I think we play on each other so much we spark the creativity in ourselves and everyone around us.

    I work a part time job on Sunday at a Nursing home in the Activities Department. I would volunteer to do that at our nursing home! We could have poetry readings, (which I do in the morning now called Spiritual Reflections) and Bingo in the afternoon. Cheetos could be a prize, gerbils, dancing Martians. Maybe the dancing Martian could lead an excersise group. We could all learn Dutch too! Myke could DJ our parties. We could have a caftan and cowboy fashion show too!

    Sign me up!

  15. Jay says:

    This was hilarious….quite the imagination! You are soooo right…veggies are only good when mixed with Cheetos! Ruggi…bald??? OH NOOOOO!!! Lisa and the book signing was too too funny as well! Great job!

  16. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Thanks for the laugh! hee-hee!

  17. nissmech says:

    yep the old blue fool will still be writng in the old codgers home! but it would have to be with crayons since they want to take sharp intruments away from me but there is one sharp instrument they cannot take my mind! But it is getting duller as of late 🙂

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