weird and experimental photos

ok things I take pics of

A llittle too close up!


These buds look like jewels


Visited Wineries


Interesting floor at one of the wineries


Spitoon at the winery - I thought it was a vase - pretty isn't it?


Not a castle, but one of the wineries


I have a penchant for fountains but can never get the spray to look right


See ?


is better


not bad


Now that's close




A beauty


Gross - but this winery served more food than any I've seen


the starkness with the leaves caught my eye


After the rain shower


Another Beauty


Until next time….

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16 Responses to weird and experimental photos

  1. neat pics i loved the ones with the roses

  2. I actually really love that first extreme closeup 😉

    nice photos! I like visiting vineyards too 🙂

    …and why are you cold?

  3. clarkster says:

    No more pics of half eaten food please, lol. Otherwise, very nicely done.

  4. Darlene says:

    Awesome shots. That first one isn’t “too close up” – it is a fantastic shot. That is typical of the shots I like taking. What kind of camera do you have and what is zoom power? I have 10X zoom on Cannon, but I saw a digital camera with 25X. Hmmm….but I’m trying to not go overboard with my photo hobby. LOL

    You have a good eye for a good shot. Keep it up!

  5. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I know what you mean about fountains – there’s a mall fountain in the Eaton Center in Toronto that sends up a jet of spray two stories high, every 10 or 15 minutes. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a good photo of that happening.

  6. awesome photos! i especially liked “too close” – not too close at all (but then I like close, close, close photos! i start taking a photo at a reasonable distance and then move steadily closer until my camera won;t focus anymore :p ) i do like that floor! looks like stone 🙂 also looks like you had fun at the wineries! Those roses are beautiful! Also liked the starkness of the leaves, too – looks very lonely! oh, and great reflection in the puddle!

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  8. bluerose says:

    oh, just love that first one! I like taking pics of water fountains, and reflections, too. It makes for some great abstracts.

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