Snagman for Blogophila 34.4

I’d like to introduce you to Willis. He goes by the nick name of Snagman, originally from south of the border,Florida, now living inWindsor, two hours from me. We’d intended to meet but never did, to my regret.

His handle comes from his avocation, fishing, his passion. He’s a fascinating old world gentleman, a true man of the south. Well now he’s in southwesternOntario 😀

I also carry the trait that men are spoke to with a yes sir no sir when answering questions or in conversation. To this day I still open doors for the women folk and offering a arm out for support in walkin em into public places. Yes I sure do know bout the Northerners hahaha ya should a seen me first time as a young soldier in downtown New York City  hahaha talk about fresh meat those people had a field day with me until I got schooled on the ways of the North hahahaha!

When I wrote my vampire goes fishing story, I did ask his advice as I know nothing about fishing. link is here  Vampire fishing story

I actually field test for product not money…as I am retired from the US ARMY. I  figure shoot I’m out on the lake fishing why buy equipment when I can get companies to send me their products to fish with works out purdy good for me lol. I was a recruiter for the Army and was always told I could sell ice to Eskimos (who live in the Klondike)

We met on one of the sites the My Spacers gravitated to last year. The site tried to disguise itself as a blogging site and not a social networking one. As it turned out the masquerade failed and people left. He doesn’t blog. His interest is people and is another person I never would have met if not for the World Wide Web. We corresponded a while and then it died off.  His humour always gave me a smile

I wrote several stories about fishing for several fishing websites as well as have some long hand written stories from my childhood fishing adventures but never considered putting them into a book, like say I am street smart and not educated in the languages enough to actually expect it to be put into print.

Yea my wife says I am good at old southern story telling as I do talk a tad bit different than folks up this way and I have been and done a lot what most folks ain’t…Southern term for Lady as yourself I would address to in terms of Miss, Mrs or Ma’am my Mother would pin my ears back if I spoke in disrespect to a lady, plus my senior leader military training to female officers was Ma’am or if we was escorts to parties & balls all the ladies was addressed as ma’am. LoL never thought of being able to talk in second or third person so writing down things seems to me pretty limited…reckon I’d have to collaborate with a writer & split the profits hahahaha     

I would end the e mails with

Cheers,  Y’all


Willis sent pics!

Willis and Musky


Willis and unknown fish


Game of Klondike

written for

Blogophilia 34.4 Topic: “South of the Border”

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): wear a Disguise (in other words describe the disguise worn)

(Easy, 1pt): describe a game played with dice (or the name of the game used with dice)

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19 Responses to Snagman for Blogophila 34.4

  1. Indeed, chivalry is alive and well in Southwestern Ontario!!

    So, the vampire fishing story……….?

    8 points, Earthling!! 😀

  2. Chuck says:

    Good manners are not limited to the south, although they may be a tad more come there.

  3. Now I want to read that vampire fishing story LOL Good one Sassy

  4. Willis says:

    Now won’t this just dip your hat in a creek…Sassy you did me good by the story ma’am thank you and you are really gifted as a writer and I wish you continued success’s in your writings.
    I do so apologize for not as of yet taking that two hour drive east for us to actually meet in person but I promise it will happen for sure. It seems we have come a long way from the social websites and the time approaches we meet in person.
    Thank you again and may you never suffer with the likes of writers block Eh Ya’ll!
    Respectfully WIllis aka “SNAGMAN”

  5. Leta says:

    Aww… this was so sweet, Sassy. I’ve made some wonderful friendships over the Internet too. 🙂

  6. Jos/Ruz says:

    Oh, this is so nice of you to post this to acknowledge this man.This inspires me to do the same thing next time. Thanks for sharing! I feel the same way about not being capable enough to write.There are really a lot of wonderful people out there on the internet and we’re lucky if we stumble on them.They are as real as the ones we have offline.Sometimes, even better 🙂

  7. That was quite a “fish” story. 😀

  8. Liam says:

    i love to eat the fish. just cant sit still long enough to fish.

  9. Sue says:

    I don’t like to fish either – but Willis does

  10. Irene Melgoza says:

    I always try and open the door/hold the door open for people when entering/exiting a building. Though sometimes I just say, “Hell with it…they hardly ever do me the favor!” LOL

  11. he sounds like fun! Isn’t it amazing the host of people you can meet online? I know I’ve met so many that there isn’t time in the week to talk to them all anymore, LOL!

  12. joaniethewriter says:

    I hope someday you can meet your friend! I have met The Falcon, Andrea, Mary and Francis Young and the first person I friended back in 2007. It was through him that I met DJ Myke and Andrea.

    He sounds like a wonderful friend!

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