Sweet Saturday Sample 10/29

I’m back for another week of   Sweet Saturday Sample 

Thanks for the comments last week and it’s always nice to meet new writers 😀

Last week I gave you half of my flash fiction piece The Adventures of Crimson. Crimson goes Fishing

The children had sneaked out of the school and down to the creek where the local fishers were trying to catch dinner. Rednick had just dashed out of his hiding spot and ran up to the man who had cut himself.

In an old house that was painted red,

lived twenty school children, newly dead.


“Oh, Sir, I see you are bleeding.” Rednick casually walked up to the injured man.

 “Hey kid, didn’t see you there, it’s just a scratch, nothing serious.”

 Rednick came closer to the man. “Don’t worry, I can fix that in a jiffy.”

The boy took the man’s hand and held the hurt finger between his thumb and forefinger. He  squeezed the tip of the finger  to make the blood flow more freely and then licked it.

Surprised, the man raised a questioning eyebrow at the boy trying to figure out what the kid was doing. The angler  thought he heard the kid slurping at his finger. What the hell?

Just as quickly as the boy had appeared, he vanished. Inspecting his finger, the fisher noticed that the spot the hook had caught had stopped bleeding and he couldn’t even see where the wound had been. He glanced over at his buddies but they were concentrating on their beer drinking and watching their lines for any action.

Smiling with satisfaction, Rednick settled himself back behind the bush. Crimson and Ruby glared  at him with envy and brought their attention back to the three fishers.

The air was still.  The fishers drank and fished; the children waited.

After about  half an hour Crimson nudged  Ruby and Rednick and tossed her head in the direction of the school. It was time to go back before the head master noticed they were really missing from study hall.

The three skulked back to the school; Crimson and Ruby disappointed, Rednick still smiling

They tip-toed back into the house, scrutinizing each shadow,  to make sure the head master was not about.

 “You kids, stop right there!”

Oh oh, they were so  in trouble now!

Kids, even vampire ones, will go to nearly any length to get themselves an extra treat. It’s almost Halloween. Are you sure there are not vampire schools in your neighbourhood?




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23 Responses to Sweet Saturday Sample 10/29

  1. jennajaxon says:

    Loved this sample! I’m really intrigued by Crimson and her friends. So that was their little “treat?” How chilling! I wonder how much trouble they’re really in. Hope not much. Great sample, Sue. 🙂

  2. Lindsay says:

    These kids are so precious, you’d almost, repeat ALMOST, what them to be someone else’s, not mine thank you.
    I hope, like with Jenna, the kids can talk their way out of whatever trouble they might be in.

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  5. ” scrutinizing each shadow” – love that! :[ <– a vampire smilie!

  6. Sherry Gloag says:

    But is it the headmaster who’s told them to stop where they are, I wonder? Great sample.

  7. Totally busted! Great sample 🙂

  8. Vampire kids! This was a terrific sample.

  9. Jennifer Lowery~Author says:

    Oh, yeah, big trouble! Great sample!

  10. That was fabulous! You got me at the end, LOL. I’ve never thought about vampire children before! :c)

  11. Gunnar says:

    I’m so glad you joined #SweetSat with this story, sassyspeaks. This is great!

  12. This story sounds like so much fun! Vampire school? Wonder what the lessons are!

    Thanks for stopping by my site today!

  13. mirriamsmyth says:

    Mm, snacks are yummy… Hehehe Love the sample!

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