Tanaga for Blogophilia 36.4

winter’s rains are pouring down

gosh they sure do make me frown

green grass turns to rye bread brown

snows winds and cold our renown


The spring is such a delight

smells wonderous day or night

perfect weather to fly kite

nature divine at its height


heat raved up in red sizzles

rain even warm as drizzles

firecrackers as they fizzles

not the season for twizzles


autumn beauty as it dies

red yellow leaves and blue skies

I love you and pumpkin pies

cool breezes and happy sighs




written for

Blogophilia 36.4 Topic: “Raved up in Red”

 Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): include a refrigerator magnet saying (please incorporate what the saying is… not “a refrigerator magnet saying” literally)

(Easy, 1pt): name something you’d eat in a Deli



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21 Responses to Tanaga for Blogophilia 36.4

  1. Good Tanagas Sassy sending hugs to you and the bloggy group

  2. Marvin Martian says:

    Indeed a delightful way to sum up the seasons!!

    8 points, Earthling!! 🙂

  3. Tyler says:

    Saddened (slightly) that winter makes you frown – IMHO tis the finest of the seasons

  4. Autumn is the best by far 😉

    not the best stanza, just the best season, LOL! (not sure which one I like best!)

  5. A pleasant read for the end of the day.


  6. joaniethewriter says:

    With the big snowstorm we just had it felt like winter here! The weather has warmed up and most of the areas around us have gotten their power back. I was lucky not to have lost it at all…

    I looked around at the fall decorations at work today and thought they were silly with all the snow, but fall is my favorite time and I will keep them up till it is time to put up the Christmas decorations and take down the leaves and scarecrows and put up snowflakes!

  7. Irene Melgoza says:

    Love the tanaga! It’s been a while since I last wrote one of them.

  8. bluerose says:

    Sweeeet! I’m jealous. I just can’t get in the mood to write nature poetry. The weather around here has been so sucky this year.

  9. Leta says:

    Fall …. my favorite time of year. Beautiful poetry…. loved the video too.. Vivaldi one of my favorites. 😀

  10. Liam says:

    mmmm piiiieeee…. 😀 great read!!!

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