Six Sentence Sunday November 6

Yea! It’s Sunday and time for Six Sentence Sunday

Every week participants post six sentences from something they are writing – or have written. It’s a lot of fun and really a great way to meet new writers! And I’ve met some terrific people. Thank you !

Be sure to check out the other great participants and thanks so much for stopping by!

From my untitled WIP The stories start in the 50s. Six teens, seemingly very different, meet weekly and keep in touch with each other their entire lives. They must have something in common.

Why Joey was late 

“I’m late ‘cause Spike, the bookie I work for, wanted me to do one more run this morning since the big race is this afternoon and he told me to collect as many bets as I could before lunch.”

Joey took a deep breath enjoying the warmth, dryness and comforting smells in the diner.

“It’s a good job because I’m not stuck indoors and now that I’ve been doing it for six months he trusts me; also it’s one job that doesn’t require a high school diploma just street smarts, reliability (the group with raised eye brows looked at him) and following the rules.”

Charles couldn’t help himself as he let out a loud guffaw.

” Joey you only follow the rules you want to follow.”

The rest of the group chuckled and Joey’s eyes opened wide with a ‘who me not follow rules?’ expression as he pointed his thumb to his chest; Joey appreciated a good laugh even if he was the target.














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29 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday November 6

  1. Lindsay says:

    Looks like Joey has found the perfect job.

  2. jennajaxon says:

    Love this bunch of characters. Sounds like it could be a dangerous job though. Especially if Joey doens’t follow ALL the rules. Great six, Sue. 🙂

  3. Love the six, Sue! I hope you have a fantastic Sunday!

  4. Nina Pierce says:

    Love the premise of following these characters through their lives.

  5. I’m glad we’re starting to get a peek at the six that make up the group. The details here are endearing. Thanks for keeping this going!

  6. Nice collection of characters 🙂

  7. Vivien Dean says:

    Only time will tell if it’s actually a good fit for him or not. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Apart from a couple of issues with punctuation, good six. Joey sounds like an interesting character.

  9. bluerose says:

    “who me?” – great visual!

  10. Every excerpt reveals so much about the characters, not just the main one. Well done!

  11. Zee Monodee says:

    Already feel I’ll love Joey. There’s a bad boy vibe to him that’s hard to resist 🙂

  12. Lynne Murray says:

    I worry about this kid. He’s just spilling out all the details of his illegal job to everybody, he seems dangerously naive to be hanging with criminals.

    • Sue says:

      one of the points of this group is that nothing is secret. From each other. And bookies in that time frame I don’t think were thought of as criminals. My fathr in law used one also. Was the only way to gamble. You are right Joey is naive in a sense. What happens in Nate’s stays in Nate’s. Thank you for your thoughtful comment

  13. J.A. Beard says:

    A good job for now . . . provided he doesn’t get mixed up with anything involving a huge loss.

  14. I still think Joey is my fav of the group 🙂

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