The Parking Garage II for Blogophilia 37.4

We shouldn’t have parked there. It was a mistake

My parents didn’t like Bob.  He was  the wrong religion in their mind and they told me not to see him again. So when we wanted to meet, we had to sneak around, adding even more drama to the usual turmoil of a teen romance. It was a case of playing hide and seek. Hiding from my parents and seeking each other out.

Naturally, he couldn’t pick me up at my front door. I walked over to the next block where we met and got into the car. We debated where to go for some privacy, and  decided on the top of a deserted mall parking garage. Inspiration is finding a private spot to be rambunctious

It was a small car. I forget what make; does not really matter. We shucked our coats in the front seat and crawled into the back. The car was so small that even with two short people just sitting in the back seat it would be cramped. Imagine two teenagers ‘making out’ in that space.

Tumbling into the seat, arms and legs every which way, my sweater pushed up with his sweaty hands, we commenced to kiss, fondle, touch and feel. He tasted of  spicy aftershave and smelled of Ivory soap.

We were teenagers. We knew we wouldn’t be caught. Teenagers know everything.

We had been parked for all of 37 ½ minutes and the going was hot and heavy when a bright light startled us. No, it wasn’t aliens. It was security guards.

Two older gentlemen, flashlights in hand,  approached the vehicle.

“What are you doing there?” One of the officers asked.

 “Let’s see some ID” demanded the second guard.

Bob got out of the car, settling his clothing at the same time. “We were just talking. We only wanted a quiet place to talk.” I heard him stammer.

 OMG. I never heard Bob so nervous. We got caught! I can’t believe it! What will my parents say??          

While Bob was trying to explain to one of the guards, the other  man flashed his light into the back seat highlighting me; but by then I had my clothing in place, mostly.

Somehow we got away with only a warning.

I imagined the security guards, once they realised what was going on in the car, were amused. We could hear them chuckling as they walked back to their office.

We drove away to another parking lot; this one fully lit and crowded. We had a smoke and tried to calm down. We broke out into a steady stream of  nervous giggles  at the whole affair (pun intended).We  could relax as we got away safely.

As I strolled into the house my mother spotted me. “Your sweater is all crooked.”

Uh-oh. She was supposed to be watching her program. Why isn’t she in the living room? I can’t tell her I’ve been with Bob. She thinks I’ve been with Carol studying. What to say? What to say?

 Finally I replied, “I was trying on some of Carol’s clothes when we finished studying.”

 Whew! Big breath out.

The butterflies in my stomach danced the cha-cha but luckily my mother didn’t hear them.


This is revised from the post in June. So  it may sound familiar to some of you.


How’s this for nostalgia


 written for:

Blogophilia 37.4 Topic: “Inspiration is… “

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): include the phrase ‘hide and seek’

(Easy, 1pt): use the word rambunctious





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20 Responses to The Parking Garage II for Blogophilia 37.4

  1. smiled at this one great shades of my past lol, gos one Sassy< first??

  2. Yeah, I snuck a couple of girls home that way.

  3. Tyler says:

    Only remember “getting caught” once, which I think might be better than some/many of my friends – but on the other hand Idon’t remember being allowed to get any clothes back on

  4. Lindsay says:

    It’s still a good story

  5. Marvin Martian says:

    8 points Earthling! 🙂 Thanks for the trip down memory lane…someone else’s since I never had any Martian Toon girlfriends! 😦

  6. Jos/Ruz says:

    Hahaha! When you’re young and in love!

  7. Leta says:

    Love her shoes! LOL at your story! 🙂

    Dick Clark’s American Bandstand will always remind me of my aunt’s high school days of listening and dancing to these songs. Good memories! 🙂

    *waves at Lori above*

  8. Irene Melgoza says:

    Love the story! : ) Good thing I never got caught…lol

  9. joaniethewriter says:

    I remember going parking with my high school boyfriend. (We ended up getting married and now divorced)

    We got caught by the police one night. They just gave us a warning after making sure I was alright and was consenting to be there with him. We had seen their headlights coming and told them we were just talking. They did not really believe us but we were glad with the warning.

    Two days later I went to his house and had diner with his parents. After dinner we were playing cards with them when his dad asked my boyfriend if he knew his license plate number. He did, and his dad told him that he had heard the number on the police scanner. It seems they ran his licence plate number and when it was ok, they told the dispatcher they were just checking on a couple of kids parking! His dad thought it was funny. Good thing my mom did not have a scanner! lol

  10. bluerose says:

    ah, enjoying this one again. is the beginning different? I love that first line! really pulls you in 😉

  11. Some time ago I read the blog sporadically, but the last articles I’ve read have been really good, congratulations! I hope that the following are equally as good. If so, here’s a visitor for sure:)

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