Houston Photo-Blog for Blogophilia 48.4

If I ruled the world - bet that’s what he’s saying


Bird Strut


Taken by Lori Epperson. Sun streaming in church window. Church is about 140 years old and probably one of the oldest structures in Houston


Sweet it is, when on the high seas the winds are lashing the waters, to gaze from the land on another's struggles


Taken on ferry from Galveston to Bolivar Peninsula


Taken by Lori Epperson - spectacular!


This pic was like taking Baklava from a baby


The glass buildings in downtown make for some reflective shots


Lori’s feet standing on Houston from the 60th floor of the Chase Building


Building reflected in a puddle

Houston from 60th floor of Chase building

From the ferry - can’t get them like this at home

written for

Blogophilia 48.4 Topic: “If I Ruled the World”

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): quote Lucretius

(Easy, 1pt): include Baklava

pic 1 is for topic

pic 4 is for Lucretius quote

pic 7 is for Baklava

Lori can be found here

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34 Responses to Houston Photo-Blog for Blogophilia 48.4

  1. good pics I’m still waiting for that grandbaby Sassy, hopefully soon. First?? Hi to all the bloggywriters I miss you all

  2. Dave (aka Nissmech) says:

    Fantastic pictures! I would get very dizzy on the 60th floor! That sunset/rise? is fabulous!

  3. Marvin Martian says:

    Beautiful picture blog!! The mirror effect is, well, mirroring… lol

    8 points, Earthling!! 😀

  4. Very nice layout. (Still don’t much like the town).

  5. Chuck says:

    Had a brother-in-law who lived in Houston for almost 20 years. I could never live there. visiting was okay…. which is good because pretty sure my daughter will live there at some point before long. (Seems like a requirement in the oil industry.)

  6. Sue says:

    thank you m’dear

  7. Juli Hoffman says:

    Holy Wow Sue! These are beautiful pics! I love the bird shots, but I think my favorite is the pic taken from the reflection in the puddle. That was a fantastic! Sunset is gorgeous. No, we don’t get sunsets like that around here. 🙂

  8. Michelle K says:

    Fabulous photo shots!

  9. fantastic photos!!

    Like taking baklava from a baby – hehehehehehehe!!!

  10. Jay says:

    I lived in Houston for a few years, my son was born there and now lives in Houston with his wife and baby girl. Loved the pictures…they were all fantastic photos…and to work in the blogophilia prompts at the same time was genius!

  11. Feathered Pen says:

    Awesome! Love the birds! Building reflected in a puddle shot…never tried that before..amazing!

  12. Wow, those are some amazing reflective shots! You’re an awesome photographer 🙂

  13. Leta says:

    Beautiful pictures! Especially like the one of Lori’s feet… I am so afraid of heights and that picture brought out the depths of heights that it gave me heart flutters… LoL!! *SHUDDERS*

    • Sue says:

      Thanks Leta – yeah Lori’s pic came out better. I did one too but didn’t work. she said cause she is taller….I guess some of those pics weren’t for the height challenged but was perfectly safe

  14. joaniethewriter says:

    Both you and Lori are very talented! I like the shot of her feet! Oh and the birds, and the buildings and the water, and and well….. all of them! lol

  15. trev says:

    what can I say… I would have never thought of doing this for this challenge Sue.. it works gobsmackingly well indeed… kudos to Lori.. I could NEVER stand on a glass floor some 60 floors up like that… NEVER in a million years… so brave… now the reflective pictures are really amazing indeed.. sets the imagination off looking at stuff from such an unusual prospective like that…. what a brilliant blog Sue… I take my hat off to you love.. brilliant blog..

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