The Book Shoppe II Blogophilia 2.5

Part One

“Ah romance,” she thought. I could use some of that. Katelina skipped along to the romance section in  The Olde Book Shoppe. She barely noticed the ecru hassock upon which a woman, surrounded by books, sat smiling to herself as she read the volume nestled in her lap.

Before she reached her destination, a book caught the blonde’s attention. It was a large book, front facing outward, displaying a photo of theEiffelTower. Her hand involuntarily reached out and grasped it. Enthralled, she  began to turn the pages, drooling over each  print. The book felt likeParis; its smooth cover soft and sensual in her hands.

The sign above read:  Travel. “Oh look at these pictures.Paris, the city of love … Jorick’s always promised me a holiday.”

This burst of murmurings caused the seated woman to raise her head from the Madeline book she was reading and look around to see where the sound had  come from. Without thinking she said, “Oh I’ve been toParis. As beautiful as they say it is. The smell of croissants and café au lait lingers for hours.”

 Katelina frowned at the interruption but turned to the other woman.  “Did you go with your boyfriend— that other guy in front of the store with my Jorick?”

“No. I went when I was in school, as part of a school trip. My Sweetie and I were in New Orleans though. Almost as good asParis. I can still hear the wonderful music and the food was to die for.”

With a dreamy look in her eyes, the woman asked, “Did you go to Mardi Gras?”  She clutched the travel book to her chest as if afraid that someone would  snatch it out of her hands.    

“We weren’t there at the right time. It was a business trip for him but I did have a good time. We can’t take holidays because of his work. Did you attend the opening of this shop? It was held in the afternoon and I was working so I couldn’t attend.  I’m a librarian. You would think I get enough books at work but here I am,” she said and grinned. What do you do?”

“Nothing.”  My boy friend and I slay bad vampires. He’s a good vampire though.

 “Oh you’re a homemaker?”  The librarian loved meeting new people and learning what they did.   Her lover chided her that she was too social.

“What does he do?” Katelina was honestly curious why people couldn’t  take holidays. She knew why she couldn’t take them but were other people in the same boat? Not for the same reason, that was for sure. 

“He’s in mid management for a large corporation.”

“Which one?” Why did I ask her that? I don’t give a rat’s ass where he works. She looks so normal. Upon inspecting her more closely she decided the other woman, whose lover had such an important job, looked pompous. Her chestnut hair was perfectly shaped around her face, her make-up applied with a light hand and her pretty pink sweater  set off her  petite figure  perfectly.  She even smelled good. Yep definitely boring.  

“You would know it if I told you. What does your boyfriend do?”

“Computer database technician.”

“That must be very interesting.”

Why is she still standing here trying to sound like she cares about my life? If I had a hammer I’d throw it at her.

But the woman, still holding the book about Paris, had so little contact with regular  people that she continued the conversation in spite of herself. “You called your boy friend ‘Sweetie’. How cute. What does he call you?” Bet it’s Dahling or something equally romantic and gushy.

“He’s quite old fashioned.” Yeah he’s  182. “He calls me ’My Dear’. What does your boyfriend call you?”

His friends call me ‘lunch’ but he doesn’t like that. “Oh look here’s a book on theGrand Canyon. I haven’t been there either.”

Hmmm yep bet she’s the ‘lady of the house’ with an ordinary boring life the dark haired woman thought. In one sense she’s lucky that all her problems can be solved with self-help manuals. There aren’t any articles, or at least none I could find, that talks about relationship building with an agent of the devil. Something like Marriage on the Rocks: Learning to live with an agent of the devil.

Suddenly a man appeared. The woman in the pink sweater took a step back as a red-headed man appeared out of nowhere and stood with his back to her facing Katelina. Where the hell did he come from?

“Verchiel what are you doing here? Did you follow us?”

The man’s hands hung at his sides palm up, as he replied. “Of course not Kately. Why would you think that?”  His tone oozed innocence.

“I told you not to  call me that!”

“Anyway what are you doing in a book store? You don’t read.”

“I do so read.  Now go away!”

The  librarian looked back and forth, her head bouncing like a ping pong ball trying to follow their conversation. “Is this your boy friend? I thought he is the man in front with my lover…”

Katelina’s hand slapped the air in dismissal to the question. “Don’t be ridiculous. He’s no one.”

“You don’t love me any more Kately.”  The man slinked off to the graphic book area with a hurt look.  The corners of the  blonde’s mouth rose in disgust.

Finally Katelina had it and with a ‘not worth my time’ shrug  turned her back to the pompous woman. 

From the front of the shop the woman’s lover called out

“My dear, the phone has  gone off.”

“Okay. Be right there Sweetie.”

Turning to Kately she said,  “Nice talking to you.”

“Whatever.” And she buried her head in the book again.

After the other woman had left, Katelina raised her head a moment from her perusal of the images.

Why did she run off when her  boy friend’s cell rang? Oh well. Not my problem and she resumed her reading.


80/20 principle



You can find Jorick and Katelina here


Written for

Blogophilia 2.5 Topic: “…on the rocks”

 Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): incorporate the 80/20 principle see video

(Easy, 1pt): mention an Olympic sport which uses heavy metal Hammer Throw


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21 Responses to The Book Shoppe II Blogophilia 2.5

  1. well done Sassy so glad you continued this tale enjoying it

  2. Juli Hoffman says:

    Joleene’s Naylor’s characters are here again. Wow! They’ve been awfully busy on your site.

  3. Heh, funny 🙂

    I like her inner thoughts/responses, like slaying vampires and being called lunch 🙂

  4. chuck says:

    You really think New Orleans is almost as good as Paris? The food might be close, the music might be better – but the art??

  5. Feathered Pen says:

    Being called “lunch” would vary in meaning in different contexts,hehehe.

    As to the video, it was mentioned, get more from less,that nailed the 80/20 principle. Intelligent,lazy ones are best suited for higher office,LOL!Thanks for posting.

  6. trev says:

    I like the way you continue the story Sue… I am really getting into it.. the book shop is a really busy place… I had to look up what a Hassock .. I know it as a pouffe .. but I was ok, Google kept me on track
    I laughed out loud when she said her boyfriends friends called her
    but they talk about Vampires are a normal thing to be… that threw me when I read your last blog with these people in…
    I hope you keep this story going Sue.. there is that many unanswered questions in my head now…
    who’s the redhead guy and who was the guy outside with Catalina’s hubby?…
    I need the next few pages please…. lol
    brilliant read girl…
    sorry about me being late here… signal problems.. I think it my be my end.. going through a few things trying to sort it Sue…
    thank you for a real treat… loved reading it… xxx

  7. Sue says:

    Pouffe? Really?? 😀

  8. Marvin Martian says:

    8 points Earthling! 🙂 did someone mention lunch!? I’m stavhing dahling! 🙂

  9. joaniethewriter says:

    Don’t you just love it when woman and or men meet and strike up a conversation….I especially love the mind reading comments..Knowing what someone is really thinking could surely get a few people into trouble!!!! Well Done! I am really enjoying the chance meeting at the Book Shoppe….so many books, so many stories, hopefully a lengthy series to this!

  10. LMAO!! funny how they both think the other one is normal!

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