Six Sentence Sunday April 15

Yea! It’s Sunday and time for Six Sentence Sunday

Every week participants post six sentences from something they are writing – or have written. It’s a lot of fun and really a great way to meet new writers!

And I’ve met some terrific people. Thank you !

Be sure to check out the other great participants and thanks so much for stopping by.

Last week continued.

Observing that his presence embarrassed her, and not wishing to cause her further unease, he bid her a “Good Evening” and continued on his way downstairs.

Kathryn’s heart boomed in her ears like a parade’s marching band.

With a shaking hand she turned the knob and entered her room.

Once safely out of sight, she closed the door and took the few steps needed to perch on the edge of the bed, her fingers still clutching the toiletries. 

 Calm down. What has unsettled me so that I cannot breathe?







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38 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday April 15

  1. Caroline says:

    This is such a great concept. I think I may look into doing it.

  2. Wildcat's Wife says:

    Your male character is such a gentleman. And, I love, love that she is blushing internally whether she wants to admit it or not over some feeling (hopefully romantic) that is stirring inside her!

  3. Jessica Subject says:

    How very sweet the way he left her, and she is smitten with him though she’d never admit it. 🙂

  4. Kate Warren says:

    Poor thing doesn’t realize what she’s got. A bad case of the may-I-have-you-please-s Great six!

  5. Jenna Jaxon says:

    She knows what’s upset her–she just needs to find a way to admit it to herself. And he seems to have more than just a passing interest in her, so she’d better come to the realization quickly. i doubt Mr. Thomas is going to wait to approach her. Kathryn needs to be prepared! Great six! I really can’t wait to read this!

  6. I know what’s got you unsettled, dear! I would be too! Mr. Thomas sounds yummy!

  7. Mae Clair says:

    Great take on her emotions. I love a proper gentleman who easily inspires such reactions. Lovely!

  8. KE Saxon says:

    Fun! Things are really starting to crackle and pop between these two. I’m loving this story. Great six!! =D

  9. Oh, I think she knows, but nice scene! 🙂

  10. Cara Bristol says:

    I really like this week’s snippet. My favorite so far of all your six sunday posts. I especially like the phrase,”Kathryn’s heart boomed in her ears like a parade’s marching band.” It’s so hard to come up with metaphors & similes for pounding hearts. Good job with that one!

  11. Paula Martin says:

    Wonder when she’ll admit what has unsettled her? Great six.

  12. Silver James says:

    Sue, I love the direction this is going and well done on “showing” us her emotions instead of telling about them.

  13. Zee Monodee says:

    That man must be hot… or ‘hiding’ something really strange… 🙂

  14. Jo-Ann Carson says:

    Nice six! I like how he stole her breathe:)

  15. Stole her breath? I love that! She’d better decide how she feels about him real soon!

  16. Intresting. Things definitely seem to be heating up between these two. Now he just needs to stop being such a complete gentleman! lol

  17. He’s such a gentleman. I’m intrigued by your sentences… but your comments really have me wondering. LOL.

  18. Cherie Marks says:

    Such a great job giving the readers an inside view of her intense reaction, all the while, keeping the hero in the dark. Great six!

  19. epbeaumont says:

    The closing line in her voice makes this six.

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