The Haunted House for Blogophilia 13.5

Tom, Dick and Alice finished dinner.  Tom leaned towardAlice. “Isn’t that house down the street supposed to be haunted or something?”

Alice started to pile the plates together. “Yeah, three houses from here. It’s weird. There’s never anyone around and Brian next door mentioned he’s seen lights flicker in the windows, but can’t tell the source.

Dick grinned. “Why don’t we have some fun?. There’s nothing to do tonight anyway. Let’s roll the dice. If any of us gets a 2 and a 6 then that person goes into the house to check out the stories.”

“What a dumb idea.” Alice wiped her hands on her jeans, her eyes darting all over the room, anywhere but to look at Dick.  “I absolutely never want to know what’s in that house.”

Well maybe  you do.” Dick continued to grin. “Let’s say whoever, and it may not be you Alice, has to check it out will win 50 bucks.”

“Oh really and where does the money come from?”

 “I’ll give it as a prize.”

Alice had never really liked Dick and she liked him less now.

 “And what if you roll the 2 and the 6″, Tom asked.

 “Well okay in that case I have to get into the place but obviously I don’t win the dough”

Tom and Alice studied each other. Yeah Dick was definitely up to something.

 “Fine.”Alice went to the other room to find the dice.

Tom sat and waited with a resigned look. He knew once Dick got an idea nothing would stop him. Never again, absolutely, would he hang out with Dick. 

Alice returned to the room and placed the dice on the table. “You go first Dick.”

He took the dice rolled them around in his hand, covered them with his other hand. Tapping his fingers, “Let’s go, stop stalling,” from Tom.

Dick threw the dice on the table. A 3 and a 4 showed up. Tom went next. He quickly tossed the dice out of his hand – a 1 and a 5 came up.

“What if I don’t get a 2 and a 6 either,”Alice kneaded the dice around in the palm of her hand.

“Then we keep going till one of us gets it.” Dick’s eyes glistened.Alice threw the dice out onto the table. One of the die teetered and turned up a 2. The other one came up a 6.

Tom gulped. “Holy shit.”

Earlier she had a foreboding feeling that something was going to happen tonight. “Okay what next?”Alice’s green eyes mirrored her panic.

Dick stood practically dancing. “Well it’s pretty late so let’s go over there and see if you can get into the house.” The three trudged out the front door veered right and walked to the third house. It was dark and quiet.Alice climbed the three steps. She looked back at the guys standing on the sidewalk as if hoping Tom would stop her. He just stood there. She turned the knob. The door opened with a small creak. She switched on the flashlight she had remembered to bring with her and entered the house.

“And close the door!” Dick yelled.

Alice stood by the front door, splashed the light around. A normal living room greeted her. Curious now, she walked down the hall to the left. It led to a bedroom in which a light shone. She followed the beams and found a kerosene lamp, lit, sitting on the table by the bed. Alice left the room and continued further. Out of the corner of her eye she caught sight of something misty floating near the ceiling. Then another wisp on the other side, and a third near the floor. Heart pounding she started to run.

“Ghosts really do live here.” One of the ethereal creatures flew in front of her eyes. She understood what it was. The number 9. Twisting her neck she looked at the one near the ceiling. The number 3. She pivoted and headed to the door, ran out of the house screaming.

 “It’s haunted! It’s haunted by numbers!!”


written for

Blogophilia week 13.5 – “Absolutely Never … well … MAYBE”

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): include the words “haunting numbers” …. and a pair of dice showing 2 and 6

(Easy, 1pt): include something that needs liquid fuel 




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19 Responses to The Haunted House for Blogophilia 13.5

  1. Irene says:

    LOL….cute! Haunted by numbers. Sounds like she doesn’t like math….hehe

  2. Christopher Mitchell (Another Government Employee) says:

    Snort. Love it.

  3. Marvin Martian says:

    hehe Spooky! 8 points Earthling! 🙂

  4. nice! I need to get to work on mine – ha ha.

  5. trev says:

    loved it Sue….
    I thought poor Alice was set up some how…
    but the build up was brilliant…

    what a really good… SCARY… read…lol xxx

  6. Wicked good…. I’m too much of a scaredy cat to take a dare like that….. yikes! 😉

  7. Doris Emmett says:

    wonderful story!

  8. Liam says:

    LMAO!! that was fun

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