Published for Blogophilia 14.5

This week I’m doing some self promotion for the finally published short story Nineteen Hundred (historical, romantic paranormal).  If you have an e reader you can purchase at Amazon or if no e reader and wish a PDF version  to read on your computer — it’s very short, you can purchase at Smashwords. At any rate if you have an Amazon account, please feel free to “like” me. 😀


The following have all been revised for Blogophilia


1st snippet

Kathryn trekked back to the boarding house, blind to the still lovely afternoon and the people enjoying the weather; blind to the white clouds streaming in the pale blue sky, the geese marching in formation honking away, the sun reflecting off the lake.  She barely heard a mother call her son. “Magnus! Where are you now?” The woman laughed as she hunted for the boy. But laughter had no place in Kathryn’s world at the moment.

She ran into the house and thought Mr. Smyth, or maybe it was Mr. Jones, spoke to her but she flew past him and up the stairs. Her only wish was to crawl into bed before her damp eyes flooded. I couldn’t live with myself if I cried in front of strangers.

2nd Snippet

After visiting all the displays at the zoo, they found themselves beside the little tea house next to the mini botanical gardens. 

 Mr. Thomas asked, “Shall we refresh ourselves with some tea? You must be fatigued from all the walking you have done.”

Yes, that sounds marvelous.”

The shop was run by an older man with a pleasant smile and bright blue eyes. “We have some scones too. Still a few left. Business has been good today.”

“Do you wish for something to eat with your drink?” Mr. Thomas turned toward Kathryn.

“Perhaps. The scones do smell delicious.”

He looked up at the shopkeeper. “We will have two scones and a pot of China tea.”

The tea and cakes arrived shortly and they each ate and drank with good appetite. When they finished the small meal Mr. Thomas asked the waiter for the check, please.

3rd snippet

At midnightthe bells from the church situated behind the house struck twelve. As the last peal faded, a fireworks display lit up the sky. A full moon only added to the heaven’s  brilliance The group crowded around the window to “ooh” and “aah” at the colorful patterns. When it ended, Mrs. Hodgson proclaimed. “Well now that was the best showing in years. I expect that the auspiciousness of the occasion is the reason.”  At that, the new epoch officially began and everyone in the room, including the three gentlemen who had returned, shook hands and congratulated one another, as if they all had been personally responsible for the commencement of a new century.


Mr. Gideon Thomas

Miss Kathryn St. Clair



Written for

Blogophilia week 14.5 – “In Order to Live with Myself”

 Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): use the words “Waiter! Check, please.”

(Easy, 1pt): mention the Full Moon


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14 Responses to Published for Blogophilia 14.5

  1. Liam says:

    kewl good to know

  2. I just got my smashwords version :p

  3. Christopher Mitchell (Another Government Employee) says:

    Very exciting indeed.

  4. Marvin Martian says:

    woo hoo! I suppose being published is better than getting points so figure the points as a bonus! 8 points Earthling! 🙂

  5. Chuck says:

    Published is probably better than a jacket and now I believe you have both – well done

  6. Congratulations! A most excellent accomplishment. 😀

  7. Weirdest sense of déjà vu.

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