Jenna Jaxon Romance--because passion is timeless.

The right love, the wrong time.

I’ve decided with my hectic schedule, the best way to get any reading in for a while is to read short fiction until deadlines ease up a bit and I can spend more time with Kindle in hand.  To that effect, this weekend I picked up Susan Koenig’s short story, Nineteen Hundred.

I love historicals and this one is no exception.  The characters are fresh–Gideon is quite a charmer, a true gentleman with a secret he aches to reveal, but cannot.  Katheryn, though a little meek (as befits her time),  has passion and goodness that catches Gideon’s eye.  They immediately strike up an acquaintance, leaving the reader no doubt they are made for each other.  Ms. Koenig’s characterizations are drawn with only a few strokes, yet they reveal much of her characters’ inner workings. Even the minor characters, such as the boarding-house proprietor…

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