What I’m Reading

I don’t usually do a column like this but last night as I read I came across a paragraph which I thought was one of the best paragraphs construction-wise I’ve seen in a while. Now it might just be me and too much sun but let me know what you think.

The book is Black Howl by Christina Henry. I won one of her books through a blog contest and read the second and now the third in the series. The theme seemed to be similar to my devil character so I was curious to see how the author handled it.

Her character is not much like my devil at all. Her books are way more paranormal than I could ever write. But Maddy is an Agent and does collect the souls of the dead. The funniest aspect is instead of text messaging or even a demon imp, the heroine receives her assignments through the mail. Yeah, the regular post. I did speak to the author, and apparently Madeline Black sometimes loses these assignments or sticks them with the junk mail. We all do that. Too much paper. But this is serious stuff. The souls have to be picked up on time. What if there’s a mail strike as happens here on occasion. Her sense of humour is hysterical too. Oh, and folks, her books are written in first person. And I know many of you dislike that POV, for whatever reasons, but no way this could be written in third.

The paragraph:

I came in the back door so I saw the mess in the kitchen first. Apparently Beezle and Samiel had made waffles, because the counter was covered in batter and the sink was full of dirty dishes. The score from a movie swelled in the living room and drifted down the hall to where I stood with my coat in one hand and my gloves in the other.

Why do I think it’s so good? Cause I know how hard it is to get in all that detail, succinctly and to make it flow.

As I said, maybe it’s just me.

this is what I’m talking about


Wildcat’s Wife

nominated me for The Lucky Seven where you post 7 sentences of a WIP. I don’t usually do these either –strange day here –but here are my seven. They are from chapter 4 have no idea what page it will be and are the first sentences of that chapter.

Gideon quietly stood next to Phoebe and watched the numbers crawl their way to 16, and though she kept peeking up at him, no doubt wondering why he did not even hold her hand, his body did not touch hers.

He picked up a faint odor of worry emanating from her as well as another passengers’s bitter perfume.

In addition to them several people had entered the elevator at the lobby level.

He was still old-fashioned in this regard and did not believe in public displays of affection, however what he planned to do with her once they arrived safely in the suite, could not rightly be called ‘affection’.

From the moment he laid eyes on Phoebe he knew he must make it work this time.

When she had asked what he did he spoke the truth; a relationship without honesty is meaningless.

At first she had become nervous and angry and he had feared she would flee as she threatened, most women would have.

this is first draft so open to comments. Already I can see stuff that should be changed.

Hope y’all have a good day. I see mine is gonna be weird (this was delayed posting as net went)






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2 Responses to What I’m Reading

  1. Have you ever watched the tv series ‘Dead Like Me’? It was cancelled after 2 seasons, but it’s essentially about collecting the souls of the dead (grim reapers) and they get their assignments on yellow post-it-notes.

    It’s totally worth watching 😉

  2. Sounds interesting! 🙂

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