Hookers and Hangers Blogfest

I haven’t signed up for a blogfest in a while. And this one sounds like fun!

We all know how important the first and last lines are in every chapter. This blogfest will hopefully get your HOOKERS and HANGERS polished making it impossible for readers to put down your book and leaving them begging for more!

On July 16th, post the first sentence from each chapter.
On July 18th, post the last sentence from each chapter.

Post as many as you like!

We will be judging everyone’s first three HOOKERS and first three HANGERS. We’ll each pick two winners (MOST ENTICING HOOKER and MOST IMPOSSIBLE HANGER) making a total of ten winners! Winners will receive a 10 page (double spaced) critique and a Friday Spotlight on FFF!

Sounds fun, right? To add your blog to the hop, just put your info in the linky below and have the hookers and hangers ready to view on the 16th and 18th of this month. Remember you can do as few or as many as you’d like, so even if your work isn’t complete, feel free to enter it.

My Hookers

 “What do you mean you can’t come to dinner tonight?” (from Ordinary Couple)

 Gideon quietly stood next to Phoebe watching the numbers crawl their way to sixteen, and though she kept peeking up at him, no doubt wondering why he did not even hold her hand, his body did not touch hers (from ordinary couple)

 On the following Wednesday evening, after her bath in the communal washroom, Kathryn peeked out the door. (from Nineteen Hundred)

 She couldn’t get enough of this man who she had met only a few hours ago.(from ordinary couuple)

“Hey, what are you doing there?” I craned my neck to see over the crumpled vehicle hugging the hydro pole to the man leaning in at the driver’s window (from Misfits)

Sign up here

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31 Responses to Hookers and Hangers Blogfest

  1. I like that first line, very cool!

  2. The communal bathroom one hooked me! Nice!

  3. Great hookers! Looking forward to reading your hangers 🙂

  4. sue says:

    Your hooks made me want more. Thank you

  5. Cassie Mae says:

    Oh number two is my favorite! Gave me butterflies! Awesome job!!

  6. Rena says:

    number two is my favorite. It says so much in such a short period of time. Well done.

  7. viklit says:

    I think the fourth one is my fave!

  8. Those are some good hooks!

  9. Jade Hart says:

    Very cool. Love the voice. 🙂 I’m Hooked 🙂

  10. Jenny Morris says:

    The ones from Ordinary Couple really make me want to know more about this book and this couple. Great job!!

  11. I am terribly interested in the Ordinary Couple! Well done!

  12. Kelley Lynn says:

    Ooo, communal bathroom. Doesn’t sound particularly appealing, but I’m totally interested 🙂

  13. I’m really curious about the number thing in #2…

  14. T.F.Walsh says:

    Very cool hook liners… really like the first one:)

  15. Just can’t get enough of that man… is the one for me. Liked them all though!

  16. darn I missed this! Love the lines 🙂

  17. Trisha says:

    The first one sounds like somebody may be getting himself into troube. Yes, of course I assume it’s the man who can’t make dinner. hehe

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