In the Kitchen for Blogophilia 22.5

Gideon and Phoebe are at home. The first speaker is Gideon.(in case you’re not up on it, he works for the devil as a soul collector)

“I will cook dinner tonight, my dear. Mr. D sent a text advising that the agents in the area could have the night off.”

“Isn’t that odd?”

“Yes. But it occasionally does happen that hours can pass with none of his clients requiring our services. Victor (another agent) called earlier and told me he heard from a friend in another territory. Apparently it will be a busy night for the Angels.”

“What about that woman whose instincts told her to get away from the Eaton Centre in Toronto only to become a victim in Colorado?”

“Yes that was tragic. Victor also heard that her guardian angel is now in a lot of trouble with the Powers that Be”

“Well I’m glad you’re home tonight and since you’re making dinner you will be sure to make enough for you to eat. You agents have such huge appetites that it’s hard to keep up with the food supply.”

Gideon started in on the dinner preparations. He pounded the already defrosted veal as thin as possible. With his strength, those cutlets ended up pretty tender. He cut the vegetables, broccoli asparagus and potatoes then started a big pot to ready the sauce.

He took the frying pan and placed several pats of butter into it.

As the butter melted Gideon’s mind wandered. The French call it Errance

And though this devil’s agent has an exemplary sense of smell, he never noticed the burning odor and the small fire that erupted on the stove.

Phoebe rushed into the room. “What’s burning? Couldn’t you smell something blazing?

You shouldn’t have been day dreaming and melting fat at the same time!”

written for

Blogophilia 22.5 Ah…You Shouldn’t Have “

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts):

Use the Designer Haider Ackermann’s line, “I love what the French call Errance.”

(it means losing yourself by escaping to an unfamiliar place or just dreaming)

(Easy, 1pt):

Mention a really effective fat-melting treatment melting butter in a pan

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9 Responses to In the Kitchen for Blogophilia 22.5

  1. Steven Clark says:

    An agent of the devil who cooks. Awesome. Glad he was using real butter and not fucking margarine.

  2. Marvin Martian says:

    Must have been the fact that too much fire and smoke down in Hell’s Kitchen has numbed Gideon’s sense of smell to anything burning! 8 points Earthling! 🙂

  3. Chuck says:

    Less butter when cooking??

  4. Liam says:

    i love to cook! nice to know that u can like to cook and work for mr d too. good post

  5. Good thing he’s not in Gordon Ramsey’s kitchen…. or is he? Clever story Sue!!!! 😉

  6. joaniethewriter says:

    Gedeon sure is talented! He sure can make things hot in the kitchen as well as other places….Lucky Phoebe! Good to see them featured again!

  7. I’ll tell you what I am interested in – his wife – the one he can’t get a divorce from because it is hell and all 😉

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