Drabble-J.C. Martin

J.C. Martin, the Fighter Writer, is hosting the Oracle Olympics, in connection with her new book, ORACLE!


Here’s the rules:

  1. Write a 100-word (exactly) short story based on the prompt(does not include title or prompt).
  2. For each week, post your completed story on your blog by Friday 10.00PM GMT, and enter the URL for the post in the Linky which will be provided.
  3. Every weekend, all completed entries will be put up to the public vote. Voting ends Sunday 11.59PM GMT.
  4. The top two voted writers of each week will move on to the 100W Finals. (To make up 8 finalists like in the 100m finals, the two highest voted losers from all 3 heats will also make the Finals.)
And this heat’s prompt is “Smoke from the flames curled and twisted in the breeze…”

The Spell

Smoke from the flames curled and twisted in the breeze. The three witches gathered around the cauldron. Sarah peered up at the sparks, her red hair in perfect waves down her confident back. Emily’s brows furrowed, she bit her lip. Young Helen hopped from foot to foot running her fingers through her short black strands.

“What if it does not work?” Helen asked.

“It has to work,” said Emily.

“It will work,” said Sarah.

Clouds amassed, orange rippled across the horizon. They raised their faces to the dripping sky. The spell succeeded. The arid ground received the nourishment prayed for by the townspeople. There would be a harvest this year.

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4 Responses to Drabble-J.C. Martin

  1. Love this! we need those witches here!

  2. Sue says:

    supposed to rain this week end – our long week end of course

  3. Oh, very nice 🙂 I love the imagery in this!!

    …and I can well imagine how you’re like a bit of rain right now 😉 It certainly is cooler here on the west coast 🙂

  4. Nice word choices. Rain was not what we expected from the prompt – great surprise!

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