Drabble for Dad-J.C. Martin

J.C. Martin, the Fighter Writer, is hosting the Oracle Olympics, in connection with her new book, ORACLE!


Here’s the rules:

  1. Write a 100-word (exactly) short story based on the prompt(does not include title or prompt).
  2. For each week, post your completed story on your blog by Friday 10.00PM GMT, and enter the URL for the post in the Linky which will be provided.
  3. Every weekend, all completed entries will be put up to the public vote. Voting ends Sunday 11.59PM GMT.
  4. The top two voted writers of each week will move on to the 100W Finals. (To make up 8 finalists like in the 100m finals, the two highest voted losers from all 3 heats will also make the Finals.)
And this heat’s prompt is “Rapid footsteps thundered up behind me…” 



Rapid footsteps thundered up behind me…” Attempts to reach the top of the Chateau were hampered by the steep and wide steps. Breaths struggled for release from my lungs. Dizziness caused me to falter, a marching band boomed in my chest. And now someone followed me, moving rapidly. Fright overtook me. I fell banging my knee on the stone. Escape was my only thought. Once I attained the top I would be able to find my father. An air current touched my skin. I turned. A man stood beside me, over weight and healthy looking. “Who are you?”

“I am your father. I died this afternoon.”

 (written for Dad who is in Hospice)

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2 Responses to Drabble for Dad-J.C. Martin

  1. Steven Clark says:

    I know it may be awhile before you are able to finish this (for multiple reasons) but I’ll look forward to reading it when the time is right.

  2. bluerose says:

    I really love this one!

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