My poetry muse made a rare appearance in reply to a friend’s blog

The challenge: describe Autumn using five senses. (I didn’t use taste)


The baby blue heavens deepen in colour,
to the azure October sky.

Nature’s beauty shines in death,
the golden and red leaves mingle with
the stubborn greens.

Winter lays in wait around the corner,
its scent as crisp as a just picked apple cooling hot skin.

Wind fights to retain its gentleness, in desperation
throws itself against the tree’s finery,
bare branches shake in its wake.

As the foliage floats in the air
landing on still green grass,
the sound foretells the storms to come.

The sun slips into its winter coat.

Photography susan koenig


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7 Responses to Autumn

  1. trev says:

    this is quite beautiful Sue… bursting with colour and movement…
    I love the stanza
    ** Winter lays in wait around the corner,
    its scent as crisp as a just picked apple cooling hot skin**
    I love reading this.. its a brilliant description of my favourite time of the year…
    loved it… xxx
    If I may …. you have woken my muse here too…
    ** The sun slips into its winter coat
    cooling winds, leaving lips chapped and dry to the tongue**
    just my feeble attempt to include the fifth sense Sue…

  2. Jenna Jaxon says:

    I’ll be the first to say I don’t read much poetry, but this is a beautiful evocation of my favorite time of year. I need to print this out, frame it with some colorful leaves, and put it over my desk. The final line is exquisite!

  3. Mae Clair says:

    You already know how much I love this. Methinks you should let your poetry muse run rampant more often. This is a feast for the senses. Love the lyrical descriptions!

  4. so many awesome lines but “The sun slips into its winter coat.” is the winner – love this!!!

  5. J.A. Beard says:

    Good season for poetry. 🙂

  6. Very nice 🙂 both the poem and the photo

  7. bluerose says:

    stubborn greens, fighting winds, and nature shines in death, … the struggle of the changing seasons against the inevitable seems to take on an even deeper meaning symbolically in this poem that is so profound and beautifully worded. I imagine it is reflective of your father’s struggle, though you may not have intended it to be. Either way, well done!!!

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