The drive home for Blogophilia 33.5

Deviant Art – Moonlitwitch

The Misfits, my WIP,  is a group of four couples, consisting of four who work as part of the mid-management team for the devil, Mr.D, as soul collectors, and their partners, who are human.

One couple is Gideon (Devil’s agent) and Phoebe (librarian) who have been together only two months when the story opens. I’m skipping along to a scene where they’re driving home after she has met the other three couples for the first time.

The first speaker is Phoebe. We drop in in the middle of their conversation. we’re in Gideon’s POV

“Are you telling me what to do? Don’t tell me who to be friends with. My former boy friends tried to manipulate me like that. When you and I got together I had to make a decision. In thinking about my past relationships I realised they all had something in common. Like you, work came first. One was a communications officer in a large company and one worked in sales and they were always on their cell or at work.”

She spoke very quickly in an unusually high-pitched tone as if she was ridding herself of her past.

Gideon did not interrupt, realising her need to vent and the reason for her agitation.

“After you explained that you work many hours and use your cell much of the time, it gave me pause. However, with Steve and Jim when they weren’t working they mostly hung out with their buddies and would break dates with me. And sexually, while pleasant, they always held back, I felt. Right from the start you promised that when not at work, I would come first, and, so far at least, it has been the case.” He picked up a challenge in her statement but was unsure what reply she sought.

“You appear to enjoy our intimate time.” His tone suggested a question not a statement.

“Intimacywith you is sensually satisfying not merely sex to scratch an itch.”

Her shoulders shook and her throat caught on her words but she continued to release her anger. He understood she had returned to the subject of her past relationships.

“They never wanted to meet my friends but I had to meet theirs, and they weren’t nice people. They had secrets and manipulated not only me but each other. It explains the reason for my nervousness this evening. On that first night at dinner you told me your group is different and I trust you but it was still my first time face- to- face with them and the old flutters in my stomach returned. It will take a while to adjust.” I’ve always felt like a square peg in a circular hole. Hopefully with you and your friends, our friends, I will feel as if I fit in Perhaps life is just that… a dream and a fear.



written for

Blogophilia week 33.5 – On That Night
Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2pts): Quote Joseph Conrad
(Easy, 1pt): Include a circle and a square

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24 Responses to The drive home for Blogophilia 33.5

  1. Christopher Mitchell says:

    Not real sure of herself, is she? It sounds like Gideon is up for the challenge.

  2. crazypjs says:

    I so enjoy these bits of your story! I’m hoping to one day read it all! 🙂

  3. Liam says:

    at times like that its best for Gideon to stay quiet. lol

  4. Marvin says:

    🙂 She needs to purge herself of her past experiences and it seems that Gideon is willing to take the brunt of her wrath to help her to do so, besides Gideon’s group are not at all like the previous encounters she has had. There I go analysing again…8 points Earthling! 🙂

  5. Oooo nicely woven… I enjoyed this!

  6. Tyler says:

    It sounds like the two sides of her brain need another meeting – fortunately we know she made the right choice

  7. Should be an interesting scene when they all meet up 🙂

    Hope you had a nice Canadian Thanksgiving, Sue!

  8. Chickee says:

    Fear of repeating the past can sometimes hold us still. Yikes! Taken as is here… Gideon seems great. But, the devil’s agent?? Umm… Maybe she should worry.

  9. PoppySilver says:

    Clever! I love this, pleasure to read xox

  10. Clare says:

    Men working for the devil or not the thing that always catches their attention is sex. lol

  11. trev says:

    Phoebe is dealing with some bad experiences of men in her life and seems to be attempting to pathe a new relationship with Gideon by giving him a heads up account of her dislikes and a few of her needs. But she seems to want to be able to fit in… maybe its a case of a small round peg fitting into a large round hole… Phoebe doesn’t want to loose who she is in the crowd!!
    So not the best of first night meetings… but at least it broke the ice!!…
    I can’t wait to get another snippet of your story Sue… feeding us all bit by bit is making me VERY hungry…lol xxx

    • Sue says:

      The evening went well. She doesn’t want to be forced into anything but at the same time she wants everyone to like her and she to like them. No worries on that score. She won’t lose herself

  12. DJS says:

    Good story.

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