Six Sentence Sunday Oct 28

Yea! It’s Sunday and time for Six Sentence Sunday

Every week participants post six sentences from something they are writing – or have written. It’s a lot of fun and really a great way to meet new writers!

And I’ve met some terrific people. Thank you !

Be sure to check out the other great participants and thanks so much for stopping by.

The Misfits is a group of four couples, consisting of four who work as part of the mid-management team for the devil, Mr.D, as soul collectors, and their partners, who are human.

Sliding back to chapter one this is Charles thinking about the group.

The emotion Charles felt when he thought about these friends, which wasn’t often, was wry amusement.

He had other friends, co workers and people he knew before Beth, but his closest companions were the people in the room.

No secrets, no games, no headfucking.

So what if four of them, including his partner, worked for the Devil.

It wasn’t a deal breaker.

They were all just ordinary couples, working at their professions: soul collectors, pharmacist, truck driver, librarian, school teacher.

(I’ve joined NaNo for the first time. Would love some Buddies)












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45 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday Oct 28

  1. Carrie Crain says:

    Is Charles considering joining the group? Or, is he a new member? I thought your line about no secrets, no games… Was funny and serious. There is no headfucking when you work for the devil. Ha! NaNo!!!

    • Sue says:

      Hmm guess I’ll have to make this clearer. Charles is part of the group. His partner Beth works for Mr D and no headfucking in the group, never mind their boss. Most “friends” come with luggage. These do not. *back to the drawing board I guess*

      • Carrie Crain says:

        I think it is easier for me to read more than 6 sentences, maybe a few paragraphs. Is anyone stepping up to the plate and going to start a new group after 6 sentence Sunday ends in Jan? I vote for at least writing an entire paragraph!! 😉

        • Sue says:

          Not to my knowledge –I’ve started editing in six sentences to see what works and what doesn’t

        • Carrie Crain says:

          the six definitely has helped me refine and chisel only what’s necessary. I just want to read more to get a better sense of what’s going on with everyone’s story. I’m whining and hungry. Just ignore me. 🙂

  2. Elin Gregory says:

    That suggests a really nice dynamic of mutual trust and reliance within the group. Though I’d think that head-fucking is something one might have to accept when working for the devil.

    I’m getting into practice for Nano. Up at 5 to try and write 1000 words before anyone else wakes up.

  3. Heather Boyd says:

    Yeah, just normal peeps. LOL Great six.

  4. Jenna Jaxon says:

    Love the fact that his partner working for the Devil isn’t a deal breaker! Bet that’s one hell-acious Christmas office party! Oh, wait–does the Devil celebrate Christmas? LOL Charles seems to value these friends more because of the level of acceptance required. So glad you’re doing NaNo! I want to read the whole book! Great six!

  5. Gem says:

    What’s a demon or two among friends. *shrugs*. Great six!

  6. The random f-bomb worked so well for this snippet. Gave a great sense of his tone. I love how Charles views them all as normal. In one way they are, but in another, they’re all quite extraordinary which makes them wonderful to read. Good luck with Nano. You’ll do great!

  7. Is he going to join. It sounds like he just might if the guy working for the devil is not a deal breaker. Great Six! I loved it. 🙂

  8. Kate Warren says:

    I’d move soul collector to last in that list. Great snippet!

  9. Love that he considers the soul collectors just ordinary couples. Great six!

  10. Cara Bristol says:

    They seem so ordinary for people who work for the devil.

  11. Good luck with NaNo. Happy writing.

  12. Dee Carney says:

    Great setup! (I’m blkdawn over at NaNo. No promises that I’ll finish this year. lol)

  13. Gemma Parkes says:

    Love the humour behind these words! Wonderfully written!

  14. lol yeah, so what? 🙂

  15. Vivien Dean says:

    I just love the voice of this. Great job!

  16. Ha! “headfucking”


    The deal breaker lines doesn’t make sense to me, in context with the other lines.
    ‘What’ exactly wasn’t the deal breaker?

    • Sue says:

      The deal breaker was that he liked Beth and the fact that she works for the devil wasn’t a deal breaker At some point you’re going to have to read my chapters, you know this right?

  17. Love the list of occupations! Made me smile. It really is great to have his perspective. 🙂

  18. Yeah, just your average, everyday normal couples. Talk about wry amusement! Great six.

  19. I love this list of people! the soul collectors snuck in with ordinary people. great six

  20. J.A. Beard says:

    Ah, definitely something to be said for honestly knowing where your friends are coming from.

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