Trick or Treat for Blogophilia 36.5

The misfits sat around Ryan and Myrth’s large living room deciding what to do on Halloween night.

“Let us go out for trick or treat.”

“Pardon?” Phoebe asked.

“Why? We’re not kids,” from Eve.

And other exclamations of astonishment greeted Gideon’s suggestion.

Victor didn’t look up from his magazine. He wrote poetry and the publication from The Dead Poets Society contained one of his free verse pieces and one sonnet. The first was a dark write  about free will but the sonnet was an ode to his partner, Eve. She hadn’t seen it yet. He was waiting until tonight at home to show it to her.

“Why not? It will be fun. They will never know we really work for the devil. Myrth can weave a spell so they think we are children.”

Myrth looked at Gideon through narrow eyes. “Hmm, yes, okay, I can cook something up. I have not created that spell in a hundred years or so but I am sure I can find the recipe.” She crossed the room,  reached for a large tome and started to leaf through the pages.

Gideon and Victor (his friend had convinced him to put the reading matter aside and join in the fun) dressed as devils, tails and all. They actually giggled when they studied themselves in the mirror.

Mryth dug out her high peaked witch’s hat. “Oh good I found it,” she said in a pleased tone.

Phoebe scavenged an angel costume from an old trunk in the basement. Well who else would date a devil but an angel?

Before trying out the wings that came with the outfit, she vigorously brushed the knots out of her short curly blonde hair. Gideon, already dressed, slouched against the doorframe enjoying the view.

He unstuck himself from his post,  crossed over to her and gently removed the brush from her fingers. “I will do it. … and he skimmed his lips over the soft skin at the nape of her neck not quite touching the surface,  allowing only the air currents to ripple the short strands.  Knowing  she would protest that they had no time to fool around, he playfully patted her behind. “Finish getting dressed. Everyone is almost ready.”

Eve dressed in her normal truck driving uniform of jeans and leather jacket, adding skillfully applied make-up to give her a Zombie look that was so popular these days.

Charles applied black shoe polish to his blonde hair, found a cape and affixed fangs to his teeth (Ryan couldn’t explain how he acquired the fangs) and voilà! Dracula.

Beth wore a devilish red number. And Ryan discovered an aged werewolf mask in the attic, donned  his tux, proceeded to prance throughout the first floor, preening,  very pleased with his appearance.

The evening went well until the last house. It looked like all the others on the street: white siding, brown roof and a green front door. Neatly trimmed bushes out front, the leaves raked up and sitting by the curb for pick up. Certainly no Taj Mahal. A ghost figure hung on the porch amid what appeared to be the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and a pumpkin sat on the black wrought iron railing. Gideon knocked.

The door opened to reveal a beautiful woman with black hair, up to her shoulders, straight and smooth, and full crimson lips. Her velvet cloak matched her eyes.

“Alicia?” Gideon stammered.

“Gideon how good to see you again,” she purred.

He turned to the rest of the group. “Guys meet Alicia. She is a vampire. We met about eighty years ago.” Addressing the woman he asked, “What are you doing here?”

“It’s Halloween. I get a treat and the kids get a trick,“ she smirked.

Alicia’s green eyes fastened on Phoebe. “And who is the angel might I ask? She looks scrumptious and you know what they say about angel blood…” She smacked her lips.

“This is Phoebe. We are together now,” and he  placed a protective arm around her shoulders.

The vampiress glanced at Gideon then peered closely at Phoebe. “Yes I see. She is human…but…” She did not finish her thought, instead her eyes returned to Gideon. “So what have you been up to lately?”

The others watched as Phoebe’s eyes glowed violet in anger, while Gideon and Alicia got caught up.

Finally the trick and treaters left, evenly divided the sweets, and went home.

Gideon’s eyes gleamed at the amount of candy they had collected. He had such a sweet tooth.

Once they were in the house,  Phoebe removed her now drooping  angel wings and  tapped her  pearl- pink ballet slippered foot.

“Just how well did you know the vampire?”

written for
Blogophilia week 36.5 – “Dead Poets Society” 1. Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2pts): Incorporate two wonders of the world
I used Hanging Gardens of Babylon from ancient world and the Taj Mahal from the modern world

(Easy, 1pt): Include someone brushing their hair

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20 Responses to Trick or Treat for Blogophilia 36.5

  1. trev says:

    Gideon had better be careful how he answers Phoebe’s question…lol.. he has a lot of explaining to do it seems…. I loved this tit bit Sue… it raises questions that make me sit on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what Phoebe might do to Alicia, if Gideon can’t come up with some good answers why Phoebe has never heard of her!!! …. absolutely brilliant girl.. loved it!! xxx

    • Sue says:

      Yeah I haven’t decided what to do about Alicia yet. I blogged on her last year maybe and thought of her again for this piece. Always glad to make you smile 😀

  2. Christopher Mitchell says:

    You never know when the past will rear its ugly head….

  3. ” and he skimmed his lips over the soft skin at the nape of her neck not quite touching the surface, allowing only the air currents to ripple the short strands.”

    love that. Also the ending – ha!

    “Just how well did you know the vampire?”


  4. Jenna Jaxon says:

    I’m very intrigued with the statement from Alicia, “She is human…but…” Is Phoebe holding out on Gideon? Is there more to her than meets the eye?

    Loved this Halloween tidbit! Can’t wait for more! (There will be more, right? I so want to hear Gideon’s reply! LOL)

  5. Clare says:

    well Gideon may have to watch his wording more then having to watch for cavities lol

  6. Lindsay says:

    Gideon had better tread carefully

  7. Marvin says:

    I am beaming with happiness! gideon has returned and has found himself entrapped with the wings of love! (Phoebe and angel wings) I am sure that he will work his way through this, afterall it was 80 years ago and Phoebe wasn’t even a sparkle in her grandpa’s eyes yet! 🙂 8 points Earthling! 🙂

  8. Tyler says:

    I think Phoebe needs to relax a bit – 80 years ago I suspect she wasn’t even born yet.

  9. Chazz says:

    well now how well can an immortal get to know a vampire? hmm good post

  10. Chickee says:

    I sense a bit of make up fun!! =)

  11. crazypjs says:

    I truly love these! Now I want to know the answer to Phoebe’s question too! You have some wonderful lines, and your writing makes me just want to keep reading. =D

  12. bluerose says:

    Ha, ha, drooping wings and tapping foot… the jealous angel must’ve been quite a sight 😀

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