NaNo for Blogophilia 37.5

This year I decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month

I’ve been enjoying myself, but then it’s only been five days. I actually have outlines for chapters which is not something I usually do. I’m a panster not a plotter A panster is someone who writes by the seat of their pants.

However I’ve been working within my plot lines and then just letting my fingers run over the key board and surprising me at what  pops up.

I don’t have an owner’s manual for how to write. I do have links that I can never find. So many times I am at a loss for how to convey a thought, image or description.


The Misfits is a group of four couples, consisting of four who work as part of the mid-management team for the devil, Mr.D, as soul collectors, and their partners, who are human.

All the couples are wrapped around each other’s heart. A larger bunch of lovesick folks you’ll not meet too often.

When they met, Gideon, who knew secrets between lovers led to dire consequences, told Phoebe that he worked as an agent in mid-management for the devil (Mr D).

Gideon and Phoebe were not the only mixed couple residing in the small Ontario city.

There were three others.

The disturbing question was: why four misfit agents were assigned to the same territory.

Why did Mr. D allow it?

He knew, of course.

Long- term romantic liaisons with mortals by members of the Devil’s mid-management team were forbidden by the Regulations.

It did permit sexual encounters with humans, not to exceed thirty days with one individual.

However, in regard to the four agents concerned, they had been with their partner for ten years in one case, two years for two of the couples and only two months for Gideon and Phoebe.

They were the newlyweds as Gideon’s friends liked to tease them.

But it wasn’t until much later, after Phoebe was introduced to the rest of the group, that she learned the unique nature of their quandary.

Now they must find a solution to the problem.


Nov 1 excerpt

The setting is at a Canadian Thanksgiving dinner.

Victor raised his head and placed the utensils beside the plate, his whiskey coloured eyes gazed around the table and he thoughtfully announced. “We are misfits. All of us. We work for the devil and yet have long term relationships with human lovers. Our partners,” he squeezed Eve’s arm, “are content with us We are different from the other agents, I assume though do not know. We are in a class by ourselves….” His voice drifted off as the implication fully set in.

Beth speaking

“I hope we have enough. The agents eat a great deal in normal circumstances but a special meal… I ordered two Cornish hens for each agent and one each for the others.”

Phoebe turned to Ryan seated beside her. “Does she mean us?”

Many of my snippets about these characters take place around food…

Nov 2 excerpt

Discussing the punishment for encounters longer than thirty days.

“To answer your question, Phoebe, I have heard all sorts of rumours, some demons mentioned sweatshops of hell but they did not say more.” Myrth fingered the amulet around her neck. “Remember, I have worked for Mr. D longer than either Victor or Gideon. The other punishment spoken of is exile to a life where nature is banished and imagination prohibited. I would not like that one bit. And rather than brimstone and fire they say in hell the scent is of primeval, nefarious flowers.”


Phoebe turned to Gideon. In an accusatory tone she shouted. “You knew!” It was more of a statement than allegation.
“Yes. When Myrth introduced Ryan she reminded us. Of course we had been told when we contacted with Mr D, but we forgot, or ignored it or something and only remembered that we were allowed merely short term encounters. We are a secret which we do not want the world to discover. When I met Kathryn the regulation was one of the reasons I knew we could never be together.”

“And you did not tell me, why?”

He whispered his reply. “Because I feared to.”

“Oh great. The devil’s agent was afraid,” Phoebe taunted him.

“My dear just as you do not wish to be mocked do not mock me. I did not wish to lose you.”


My character, Victor, is a poet. Yes a poet who works for the devil. Go figure. One of his favourite poets is Langston Hughes. During the 1920s Victor traveled in the US and they met. Hughes gave Victor tips on writing poetry and Victor helped out Hughes with some of his. Well actually considering Victor’s age, he gave Hughes tips. This one Hughes wrote but Victor had input.

The night is beautiful,
So the faces of my people.

The stars are beautiful,
So the eyes of my people

Beautiful, also, is the sun.
Beautiful, also, are the souls of my people.

“””My People” in Crisis (October 1923

I catch the pattern
Of your silence
Before you speak

I do not need
To hear a word.

In your silence
Every tone I seek
Is heard.

This is the first poem that Victor read to Eve when they met. She was shy, self conscious, and quiet.. That changed in a hurry.


written for

Blogophilia week 37.5 – Wrapped Around Your Heart
Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2pts): Quote Langston Hughes or include a line from his poetry
(Easy, 1pt): Mention an owner’s manual

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9 Responses to NaNo for Blogophilia 37.5

  1. Tyler says:

    Maybe they are exiled and just don’t really see it?? Certainly a quandry

  2. Marvin says:

    i have heard of NaNO it can be quite a challenge indeed! You seem to be off to a flying start! 8 points Earthling! 🙂

  3. That post must have taken you quite a while to write, it’s packed with so many different things/references!

    …I peeked at your NaNo word count… you are doing awesome!

  4. trev says:

    WOW!!.. two excerpts to bite into Sue.. and I’m still hungry for more!!…
    I loved the reads and the poem too… loved it!!… looking for more!!!… lol xxx

  5. crazypjs says:

    You rock! I love the story line and I’m sure you will figure everything out in time. I’m hoping the book is soon to fallow as I look forward to reading the complete story! =D

  6. Wow, this is wonderful… so good to read about Gideon and the gang again. Congrats on doing NaNo, you’re off to a fabulous start. I did it 3 years ago and completed the challenge. 😀

  7. Chickee says:

    =) I am a panster too. =) I love your misfits and am excited they are the subject of your NaNo write. Maybe I will be purchasing a novel someday soon. I participated in NaNo a few times but failed miserably with each try. I think your misfits are double agents,unknown to them. Working for the side of good and saving souls as well as delivering them to Mr.D.

  8. I like the idea of a poet who works for the devil! 😀 great snippets!

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