Read the memo for blogophilia 38.5

Sue sat at her desk and gazed at the huge amount of memos that had just arrived. The paper littered the surface as if struck by a blizzard. What the …?

Photo by Susan Koenig

Note: Mr.D is the devil and Gideon Thomas is part of his mid-management team from my WIP The Misfits. 


To: All Bogophiliacs
From: Mr. D
Subject: Under New Management
Marvin Martian has been seconded to work under Mr.D as his organizational skills are required. Gideon Thomas will be working with the Blogophiliacs. This is a permanent change.


To: All Blogophiliacs

From: Gideon Thomas

Subject: Sallon NewLove

Return to work IMMEDIATELY.  Your holidays have been long over. We require your services. If you have been engaging in fraternization, or in an illicit affair with another writer please refer to Regulation 13(b)(f). No consorting outside of work hours with other writers.


To: All Blogophiliacs
From: Gideon Thomas
Subject: Dave Raider
All Blogophiliacs please be forewarned. If Mr. Raider approaches you with an offer you can’t refuse, turn the offer down! Dave would be the man who would sell the world for a good profit. The problem is, his funding base has vanished (The Donald is in hiding) and YOU would be backing his financial investment. Caveat emptor


 To: All Blogophiliacs

From: Gideon Thomas

Subject: Slacking off

And to the other slackers you know who you are. Produce or else….


To: Clare Black etc

From: Gideon Thomas
Subject: Policy

As new employees, please be advised of our policy – POT
Production, Originality and Timeliness– so that the Leader is not rushed to meet all the mandatory deadlines.


To: Kaden William Moyer

From: Gideon Thomas

Subject: Happy Birthday
Now that you are eight, put on your big boy pants and adhere to the program (POT)


To: Those listed below
From: Gideon Thomas
Subject: Words of Wisdom

  • Irene: Miss First – hey give the others a chance – be a team player!
  • Trevor: forget the pudding!!
  • Liam and Chaz: keep up the pranks. We can always use a good laugh. And I will be taking notes as I am in need of good ideas to get back at my “friends” for the coffee mug routine. (I will never admit it was my own fault) – Liam – hurry up and feel better.
  • Joanie: where are you?
  • Tyler: keep up the good work
  • Colleen and Tommy: cross blogging will be allowed for you in these special circumstances
  • Nina, Sharon and Poppy: Poetry is a good thing
  • Peg – keep going girl!!


To: All Bogophiliacs
From: Mr. D
Subject: Under New Management
The job as Leader of the Blogophilia writing group is the work of angels, hence forth Marvin Martian will be returned as CEO. Gideon Thomas does not possess the abilities for the job. He will be unavailable for comment.

Mr. Martian, while from outer space or interplanetary space, would never sell off the  world of Blogophilia for his own gain. Unlike others named above…


written for

Blogophilia week 38.5 – The Man Who Sold the World
Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2pts): Incorporate an illicit affair into your blog
(Easy, 1pt): Use the phrase “interplanetary space”

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30 Responses to Read the memo for blogophilia 38.5

  1. Jenna Jaxon says:

    Ooooh, Gideon’s been bad! LOL i thought he was doing a good job. 🙂 I hope he will be available for comment soon–I want to see what pranks he’s come up with as revenge. Great post, Sue!

  2. Christopher Mitchell says:

    Actually, I have some fine California Sinsemilla available to implement that new POT policy. It worked Stephen King and Hunter Thompson. Why not us?

  3. trev says:

    GIVE UP PUDDINGS?… would that be black or otherwise Mr … (out of the running)… Gideon Thomas??… lol…
    Gideon is not going to like this at all Sue… there will be the Devil to pay when he starts to plot his revenge… which is best served cold!!.. as we are all well aware of girl!!!
    At least Marvin’s got his job back, but I wonder is this means we will ALL get Memo’s by the dozen as a Martians revenge on all Bogophiliacs who … for what ever reason …. are slacking in the field of our endeavours…. now he’s seen Gideon’s cunning plan Sue? **tapping nose with forefinger**
    Has the president been made here?… will it effect Bogophiliacs lives as we know it?? ….
    HAS THE WORLD BEEN SOLD FROM UNDER US???….. brilliant blog girl… scary… but brilliant xxx

  4. crazypjs says:

    Sue have put together a great pep talk for all! I’m working on getting the giddy-up to going, hope it kicks in sooner rather than later. 🙂

  5. Steven Clark says:

    I must be one of the ‘other slackers’, lol 🙂

  6. Chickee says:

    HAHAHAHAA!!! I flew under the radar. Oh wait I am one of those who submits at the last minute. *hanging head in shame* I promise to try to make an effort to be better. Hey, did you hear POT is legal in Washington?! Oh wait wrong kind of pot.

    Your imagination is fabuuuuuLous!

  7. blue fool says:

    A slacker I be
    a slacker is me.
    My only excuse
    as you shall see
    is that the Devil made me do it

  8. Marvin says:

    Nobody can do this job better than I and it is about time D realized this! 8 points Earthling! 🙂 oh and thanks for posting those memos, sure takes a load off! 🙂

  9. Sue says:

    anything I can do to help 😀 and yes no one does the job better than you (and your helpers) do

  10. Lindsay says:

    I don’t know which of the memos is my favorite. They are all so great

  11. Liam says:

    Chaz did well with pranks without me the past couple of weeks… of course our sister-n-law who walked in to all of them didnt think so (it seems her pregnancy has taken away her humor), but her husband was very appreciative that she was always in front of him. (i know what a brother i have lol)
    ice water on her head…
    saran wrap on her door
    mouse traps lined her bathroom (i still haven’t been able to get an answer from her with that one, i mean why would you be in the bathroom without the light on?)
    ping pong balls in the cupboard.. (LoL i could just picture stand there with that ‘i’m gunna kill ’em’ look as the balls fell on her head)
    …. now that i think about it i do kind of feel sorry for her………. ok that was enough feeling sorry for her the moment passed. 🙂

    i am working on it.. the getting better part, it one thing right after another 😦

  12. Very creative and witty memos. Love it!!! I am sure Tommy will appreciate the permission for cross-blogging. After all, he gets a lot of tuna and catnip out of the deal! 😉

  13. Clare says:

    I posted fairly early! lol

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