Fairy Tale for Blogophilia 44.5

How can I be lost? This is the path I always follow when going home from grandmother’s house.  The trail should be right here. The trees surround me and  it’s so quiet not a squirrel or bird have I seen or heard. Shadows blanket the ground. I can barely make out the little hills which should be right here.  It must be later than I think. I haven’t eaten anything all day, except for the piece of gingerbread grandmother gave me; which explains my sick stomach and the salty taste in my mouth. She and I laughed, chatted, and enjoyed each other’s company. We walked in her aromatic garden admiring the early spring flowers in the bright sunlight, baked the gingerbread,  our mouths watering in  anticipation and chose the colours for a new sweater she will knit. It was one of my favourite times. Being with grandmother is always a holiday.

When I left her, my heart felt like a feather and I remember singing a little tune as I skipped from her cottage. My heart is not light now; it is pounding like a big kettle drum.  If I don’t find my way home soon I’ll have to sleep here, away from warmth, comfort and food.  Wait! Is that a pitter patter of footsteps close by? My eyes’ saccadic movements search for what I could swear I heard. My little basket which I thought empty must be carrying bags of flour, judging by its weight.   Whoops, I stumbled and almost tripped on my red cloak; good thing I didn’t fall. I see a shimmering stone up ahead. I will sit and rest, and ponder what to do. 

Something tapped me on the shoulder. “Hello, little girl.” A blue eyed  wolf stood before me. “Are you lost?”


A ritual implement



Revised for

Blogophilia Week 44.5 topic: My Favorite Holiday

 Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): Include a ritual implement

(Easy, 1pt): Incorporate an Elton John song title

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13 Responses to Fairy Tale for Blogophilia 44.5

  1. Like the point of view. I wonder what that blue eyed wolf has in mind?

  2. trev says:

    I loved this Sue… you got me right up to the red cloak before the penny dropped… lol… you made me smile …. your description of a spring walk with your grandmother was really beautifully written.. giving me a vivid view of the sights and smells… and I learned something too, a new word.. saccadic… never seen that before… I Googled it.. lol… as for the Skull, what can I say, I hope the guy was dead before they went to work on the engraving… lol… smashing read Sue… loved it xxx

    P.S. Now get packing, see you here in five days time girl!!!… YAY!!!…

    • Sue says:

      saccadic was in the challenge that this piece is from. I had to look it up too 😀 Am about packed, maybe Now you tell the weather to hold its water and behave!

      • trev says:

        not a problem Sue.. I talk to the weather all the time girl… not that it ever takes a blind bit of notice of me!!… ahahah… but it IS going to be mild if it rains Sue… temps about 10c during the day.. much like a Canadian summer really!!… ahahha… looking forward to meeting you girl on Friday… 4 days to go… YAY!!!… xxx

  3. Marvin says:

    You really got a jump start on this week! I love walking in the woods but do not trust wolves of any eye colour! 🙂 8 points Earthling! 🙂

  4. Tyler says:

    Walking in the woods is the best, although getting lost might take a bit of the edge off

  5. Wow, this is excellent, Sue!!! The imagery is riveting and the finish…. POW! Awesome write!

  6. Ohhh, very nice tone/atmosphere in this piece 🙂

    …I kindof want a little more 😉

    Safe travels!

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