The Sisters for Blogophilia 4.6

When my father died in NY in August I met his wife’s nieces for the first time. Well I met Barbara who lives around the corner from the hotel we stayed at.

I didn’t meet her sister Shelley as she lives in California and was on holiday in Italy at the time.

Before dad actually died I e mailed and spoke to both sisters. I liked the two of them especially Shelley. Since I never cared for dad’s wife, my nick name for her was Pruneface, I was surprised her nieces were so lovely. Dad talked about the sisters and he also preferred Shelley, so maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised.

As we were cleaning out dad’s apartment we found many of his paintings. His hobby was oil painting and crating art from photos. We also found envelopes full of the virtual art he produced.

One day when Barbara visited the apartment, I told her to take a few paintings for herself and also something to send to Shelley. It would be a rare gift for Shelley and something she would treasure as she thought the world of dad. I mentioned this to Barbara, and while she agreed and did pick out some art work, my inner voice told me something was not right but I did not know what since I didn’t really know Barbara.

I found out later, after I returned home and after Shelley returned to California, that my voice did not lie. Shelley told me in recent years she and her sister had not been close and did not speak. I worried that she would not receive the paintings Barbara picked out for her.

Another reason they clashed had to do with their zodiac signs, Shelley is Pisces and Barbara is a Leo.

It put me into a difficult position as I wished to maintain a friendship with each woman.

I hope soon they learn that if they only look to the past or present they will miss a future where they can be friends.

Artist - Sol Siegel. The painting resides in our bedroom

Artist – Sol Siegel. The painting resides in our bedroom

Digital art by Sol Siegel created  from photo of balloon ride 2007

Digital art by Sol Siegel created from photo of balloon ride 2007

written for

Blogophilia Week 4.6 Topic: A Gift So Rare

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): incorporate a quote from John F. Kennedy

(Easy, 1pt): incorporate two (2) Zodiac signs


Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

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28 Responses to The Sisters for Blogophilia 4.6

  1. Lindsay says:

    It’s always hard on everyone when family doesn’t get along.

  2. I hope the paintings do get delivered, you are in a tough position. 8 points, Earthling!!

  3. Mae Clair says:

    Such a sad story, but it often happens among families. Your gesture was certainly gracious. It looks like your dad really enjoyed his hobbies! It’s nice that you have mementos (of something he loved doing) to share with others.

  4. This is a continuing problem in my family. None of the four survivors are really that close. I hope this will change a bit as I close out my brother’s estate.

  5. Tyler says:

    I often clash with my sister – but we usually manage family events fine. Oddly enough I think my wife actually likes her.

  6. trev says:

    You walked into the situation unknowingly Sue… but in a way.. through not knowing.. you saw the situation simply, their step dad, your dad, had died and you forced Barbara to think about Shelley and become a part of your gesture towards them both, by offering to freely choose some of your dads spectacular paintings.for herself, but also had she to consider Shelley and send them to her too!
    Nearly always, when family fall out with each other over a long period, the reason why they dislike each other is often so obscure and sometimes they can’t even remember why!
    Its often because its all very simple but over time its thought to be so complicated and hard to resolve.
    Your simple gesture could turn out to be the olive branch Barbara and Shelley need to resolve their differences and start to get to know each other.
    I hope I’m right, time will tell I guess, but you have nothing to worry about Sue, you did the right thing because your the person who your dad bought you up to be. A caring and fair individual that thinks about others even when your dealing with the loss of your dad, you found the strength to consider the sisters feelings. Something I am sure would impress Barbara and Shelley, as it has impressed me reading your heart felt words Sue. xxx

  7. (((((Hugs))))) honey xx

  8. I know my moms family fell apart when my grandpa died in 1990and has not been the same since. I am so sorry for your loss but glad you had a sixth sense too listen too. Im sorry you had to go thru that with your dads wife. Lots of love to you!

  9. Wow, those are stunning pieces of art, Sue. I am sure you love having remembrances of your father in your home….. Sorry to hear about the family issues, seems like that is a very common thing when it comes to estate issues. HUGS!!!

  10. Steven Clark says:

    It’s nice that you got to delve into that side of your Dad’s life with his wife. I really like the first painting. It’s never easy to deal with delicate family situations, you handled this one with grace.

  11. Liam says:

    hopefully they will reconnect.

  12. doris emmett says:

    Loved this…I’ve learned to always trust one’s intuition in these kind of matters. Sad when family does not get along…but it happens all the time. 😦

  13. 1000th.monkey says:

    Art is an interesting thing. You can love it or hate it, and often what it comes down to is whether there’s any personal attachment/significance to it.

    Example: I bought an interesting abstract sculpture in Mexico one year and gave it to my (then-current) boyfriend as a gift. I really liked it because of the shape, and when I asked the person I bought it from what it was, he said it was a parrot. When I gave it to the boyfriend, he had this look on his face like he hated it, and said it looked like a deformed squirrel, not a parrot.

    That sculpture is sitting by my bed now, and every time I look at it, I think of how fun it was to find it in the market, the heat, the humidity, the joy of being on vacation and relaxing, and then I think of the funny squirrel/parrot confusion, and I really don’t care that he hated it and I loved it.

    To me it has significance. To him, none, because he didn’t like it, even though it was a gift I searched for, considered many different options, and spent my time and money looking for a present I thought he might like.

  14. Carrie Crain says:

    I hope they resolve their differences. Life is too short. I could not choose to be friends over the other. I guess I’m fortunate to have an older brother who thinks I’m cool and vice versa. Emotional story! Are you participating in WWW this week? I don’t see post.

  15. Oh no! I hope she got/gets the painting! It’s always hard when relatives are estranged. hubby and his sister have some issues and I am always pushing him to be friendly to her anyway. Blood relation is something you can not get more of.

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