C is for Crimson

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Today is April 3rd  with the Cute letter C

A few years ago I tried my hand at writing a children’s story about a little vampire girl, Crimson and her friends. They live in a boarding school. I loosely based the idea on the Madeline series.


In an old house that was painted red,

lived twenty school children, newly dead.

Adventures with Crimson – Crimson goes fishing

The children sneaked out of the house making as little noise as they possibly could. The cool night air felt refreshing on their school room heated skin.  They ran down the road to the creek hoping to find some fishers trying their luck.

If the head master of their boarding school found out they had slipped away when they should have been in study hall, there would be hell to pay. If the Stakeholders who administered the school learned of their foolish behaviour, the school could be in serious trouble.

On nights with a full moon and calm winds, the children knew the locals  would come to the creek, even though fishing was prohibited. And the children were forbidden from going near the locals.  But the children could not resist visiting the spot in the hopes of a special little treat. They knew it was wrong and against the rules and that the rules were in place for their own safety.   Even so they could not resist. Kids will be kids. The children wished more of their neighbours took advantage of the good fishing. As it was, the little group was lucky if even one of them got to savor a snack

They crouched in the bushes, and behind the rocks. The air smelled of spring and  muddy puddles still lingered from the recent rains.  Ruby whispered to Crimson, “Look, I think I see some guys coming down the path.”

Rednick, on the other side of Ruby, poked her to be quiet. The three of them waited and watched.

Sure enough,  three men set up their folding chairs, opened their tackle boxes and prepared to ready their lines  in the hopes of catching some fish for dinner.

The man in the  middle seemed to have a problem tying his lure to the line. “Stupid lure won’t hook on right. Can’t get the knot tight enough. Ouch, dammit. The freaking hook went right into my finger, and now it’s bleeding.”

The other two men  were too concerned with their own equipment to notice their friend had hurt himself.

Before going out the children  chose who would go first if they were successful in their quest.

Quicker than white on rice Rednick dashed out of his hiding spot.

“Oh, Sir, I see you are bleeding.” Rednick casually walked up to the injured man.

“Hey kid, didn’t see you there, it’s just a nick, nothing serious.”

Rednick came closer to the man. “Don’t worry, I can fix that.”

The boy took the man’s hand and held the hurt finger between his thumb and forefinger. He  squeezed the tip of the finger  to make the blood flow more freely and then licked it.

Surprised, the man raised a questioning eyebrow at the boy trying to figure out what the kid was doing. The angler  thought he heard the kid slurping at his finger. What the hell?

Just as quickly as the boy had appeared, he vanished. Inspecting his finger, the fisher noticed that the spot no longer bled  and he couldn’t even see where the wound had been. He glanced over at his buddies but they were concentrating on their beer drinking and watching their lines for any action. 

Smiling with satisfaction, Rednick settled himself back behind the bush. Crimson and Ruby  glared    at him with envy and brought their attention back to the three fishers.

The air was still.  The fishers drank and fished; the children waited.

After about  half an hour Crimson nudged  Ruby and Rednick and tossed her head in the direction of the school. It was time to go back before the head master noticed they were really missing from study hall.

The three skulked back to the school; Crimson and Ruby disappointed, Rednick still smiling.

As they tip-toed back into the house they  really hoped that they were not seen by the head master.

“You kids, stop right there!” Oh oh, they were so  in trouble now!


The story went no further as I ran out of ideas. But it’s still one of my favourites.

Have you started a story and then ran out of ideas?

Can’t wait to C your posts!

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12 Responses to C is for Crimson

  1. I love Crimson and hop you do more with her!

  2. Damyanti says:

    Take it further — I dig Crimson.

    Co-host, A to Z Challenge 2013

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  3. Roshni says:

    That was eerie! Hope you continue!

  4. Jenna Jaxon says:

    Love the Crimson story. You really should finish it. Kind of fun and macabre at the same time. 🙂

  5. susanroebuck says:

    Oh you can’t stop there Sue. There’s a whole novel lurking to be told. I’m going to pester you until you continue it 🙂

  6. I have no doubt that an idea is going to come to you!

  7. Crimson will pop back into your head and the next scene will be clear, give it time.

  8. J.A. Beard says:

    Kids will be kids, even when they are undead. 🙂

  9. Wow, what a great title! Love it 🙂


  10. Joe Owens says:

    It is a nice beginning to the story. Crimson sounds interesting.

  11. trev says:

    what a great snippet of what should be a brilliant story Sue…
    I agree with susanroebuck you can’t just leave it there Sue!!!
    I will pester you too!!!… in fact we will take it in turns to pester you!!!!… ahahah
    I really liked reading this….
    it has your touch, such vivid description that put you bye the river back with the children…
    I have never run out of ideas… well not quite…
    If I had started such a brilliant story as this Sue… I would not be able to stop thinking about it!!
    so get to it my girl… you can make it blog “Z” 2 … ahahah… now there’s a challenge girl!!!…lol xxx

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