J is for “Just”

Welcome to a tour of my blogs written for the A-Z challenge.

Today is April 11th   and the Judicious letter J

Over a year ago I signed up for an online flash fiction writing class.

I learned about arcs, hookers and hangers. At the end of the session I ended up with several short stories.  The social factor was the best I’ve encountered among the three on-line classes I’ve taken with engaging commentary back and forth between the participants and the instructor.

Frankly I don’t remember all too much about the particulars as I seem not to have saved any notes which is very unlike me. I take notes on everything.

The most important lesson I came away with  was “Just”. I use the word too frequently.

In one piece I submitted I must have used the word countless times. The instructor pointed this out to me. And she was correct! When I  sit at the keyboard telling a story letting my fingers do their thing  I do end up with the word “Just” scattered throughout.

Now that I am aware of it I constantly strike out just and replace the word with a synonym such as only or merely or delete it altogether.

I find myself Just writing the word even in comments on blogs. I have no clue why I do this since I don’t think I speak like this.

Is there something, a word or phrase, that you must be on the look out for in your writing?

Jubilantly looking forward to your J posts

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14 Responses to J is for “Just”

  1. Mae Clair says:

    “Just” is definitely one I’m always on the lookout for. “Really” and “that” are others I constantly strike…mostly things I call “filler words” that don’t add anything to the prose.

    Cool J post, Sue! 🙂

  2. Enid says:

    Same here – I’ve been told that I use the word “just” way too often (in talking, teaching etc). I am much more aware of it now but I do like it a lot!
    A month of Blog…

  3. I’m definitely NOT a writer, I’m just a blogger. All the best with your writing…

    Happy J Day!

    Just visiting from a fellow A to Z Challenger.

  4. Yep! “really”, “very”, “so”…I am a frequent user of the Find feature on Word!

  5. Tizzy Potts says:

    I think I overuse the word just as well. I also have to delete words like ‘sighed’, ‘smiled’ and ‘nodded’ which my characters seem to do way too much!

  6. My overused written words are “very” and “like”. “Substitute “damn” every time you’re inclined to write “very”; your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be.” – Mark Twain

  7. Elin Gregory says:

    “And” – I use that far too much. I love my extended sentences but they give modern readers a nosebleed..

  8. Jenny says:

    I also overuse just. And and. And a whole lot of others I can’t remember right now because I’m cringing at how many times I’ve no doubt used ‘just’ this week!

    Jenny at Choice City Native

  9. VR Barkowski says:

    I have a slew of words I overuse. Some of them are qualifiers like just, very, and really. I also overuse my two favorite conjunctions, and & but. Fortunately, I have a program called Autocrit that catches all the overused words and lets me know.

    ~VR Barkowski

  10. I use just a lot myself and nine times out of ten will take it out when I edit. I have several others I over use, too 🙂

  11. He he he, yep, I overuse Just too lol


  12. Sherrey Meyer says:

    Ooooh, you caught me! I unjustifiably use just way too much! Busted!!!!!

  13. trevor clower says:

    But l dont over use any words Sue.. But if l did it wont be just…but its possable l might from time to time but not too many times…But l dont kmow of any l over use … But maybe some day l might… But l dont think so.. But you will be the first to know ok!… Lol…xxx

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