M is for Mouse

Welcome to a tour of my blogs written for the A-Z challenge.

Today is April 15th   and the Marvelous letter M

As I said in J is for Just, I enrolled in a flash fiction course last year.

One of the  assignments was death in 250 words.

Something to Eat

I’ll  crawl in here and get warm. It sure is cold outside. Well it’s dark and I’m hungry; let’s see what I can find to eat. Oh look at this! It’s not food but it’s soft and warm and I’m still cold. Whoa it’s huge! Maybe I can rip it and use it as a cover to keep warm. My front teeth should work to cut it. Have to do it again that piece was way too small. Ah, there you go. Perfect! I’ll just take a nap and look for something to eat later.

Oh it feels  good to stretch– pretty cramped in there. That blanket is all shredded up now. Something smells good. Have to find it. I think it’s coming from above me someplace. That looks like a pipe I can climb up and see what’s there. It’s steep; my breathing sounds like an airplane motor.  Now the smell is all around me. And seems to be coming from that box! Yummy! That was good .Next I want to go back down to where my blanket is. The entranceway I used to get in here is closed. How do I get out? I can’t breathe– there’s no air in here. I don’t feel so good…

“Look the trap is closed. And I just shook it and feels like the mouse took the bait.”

“Good then take it outside and dump him away from the house. Hopefully there aren’t any babies hiding around in the cupboards or walls.”

What  favourite writing class have you taken? Was it on line or in person? I prefer in person, but sometimes that’s not possible.

Madly rushing to read your M posts

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6 Responses to M is for Mouse

  1. Enid says:

    One mouse can have a lot of thoughts!
    A month of Blog…

  2. Jenny says:

    Some of my favorite writing classes have been the short sessions offered at conferences…lots of good information in a short period of time.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Good one! Loved the description from the mouse’s POV!
    Kathy @ Swagger Writers

  4. VR Barkowski says:

    Love it! That’s one cute mouse. I’m glad his captors used a humane trap. Not sure what my favorite writing class was. I took three novel writing classes with the same instructor, so it’s hard to tell them apart. 🙂

  5. I remember this one! 😀

  6. trev says:

    loved it when I realized I was a mouse suddenly.. lol…
    the thought process was simply brilliant.. very talkative.. mmmmmm now who dose that sound like?
    to catch a mouse is nice M blog to use Sue… lol.. xxx

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