O is for Orange

Welcome to a tour of my blogs written for the A-Z challenge.

Today is April 17th   and the Ominous  letter O

Another flower photo-blog





What’s your favourite colour for flowers?

Oozing through  your O posts

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9 Responses to O is for Orange

  1. Mae Clair says:

    Beautiful photos! I love white flowers the best, especially at twilight when they appear almost spectral.

  2. I really love blue flowers. but appreciate any with bold and vivid colors. I especially like the color in your 4th photo.

  3. VR Barkowski says:

    Gorgeous. Do you know if that third photo down is an azalea or rhododendron? It’s really gorgeous. Gardenias are my favorite flower, followed by calla lilies so I guess white flowers are my favorite. 🙂

  4. Beautiful photographs. The last one is my favourite.

  5. Enid says:

    Beautiful flowers! What is the third one from the top? I love white and pink flowers. Just planted a lot of while Azaleas…
    A month of Blog…

  6. Sharon Himsl says:

    The weather is finally warmer in eastern WA. I just planted some orange flowers like these in pots. Isn’t spring wonderful?

  7. Sherrey Meyer says:

    I’m a over of pink flowers, but because we have an overly shady yard we use a lot of white flowers, especially in the darkest corners to bring in a sense of light. Don’t you just love all these flowers? And your photos are great!

  8. Pete Denton says:

    Great photos. I like orange flowers, but red is probably my favourite proper colour otherwise white.

  9. trev says:

    good close shots of the flowers Sue… brilliant
    I would have thought you’d do a poem about Orange.. challenging rhyme they say…. lol..

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