P is for Phoebe’s Sister

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Today is April 18th   and the Problematic  letter P

Set up: Sunday evening. Phoebe met Gideon on Saturday afternoon.

Normally, since she rarely had a date on a Saturday night, Phoebe visited her sister for dinner, if not a Saturday then a Sunday.

Phoebe had been ignoring her sister’s phone calls since she met Gideon Saturday afternoon. On Sunday evening after dinner at her house he asked who kept leaving messages. Phoebe explained about the usual arrangement she had with Sara, her sister but since she and Gideon had been together the last two days she hadn’t returned the calls. “Perhaps you should call her back,” he suggested gently.

Sara picked up right away as if she had been hovering near the phone. “Phoebe it’s about time. Are you okay? When you didn’t show up last night and you didn’t call, I worried.”

Her sister’s voice could be heard through the phone. Phoebe shook her head side to side indicating no way Sara would really worry. It would just be something else to scold Phoebe about, her inconsideration and disrespect.  Phoebe reached over with her other hand and seized Gideon’s hand in hers. Their hands, like the rest of their bodies, fit so well. His grip comforted her and he nodded for her to continue speaking to Sara.

“My apologies Sara. Something came up yesterday and this is the first chance I’ve had to call.”

” Were you in an accident or something? I told you over and over again you drive too fast and carelessly.”

“No Sara not an accident.”

“So you must have picked up some guy and gone to bed with him, I hope you used a condom, and probably  just got home. Honestly Pheebs you must be more careful. So which was it?”

“You are correct in that I did meet a man and he stayed the night at my house and we’ve just had dinner…..”

“And you cooked for him too?? “

“No Sara he cooked for me.” Said with a note of triumph. Phoebe squeezed Gideon’s hand and his expression of caring and encouragement spurred her on.

“Phoebe! How could you!”

“More to the point Sara how could you?” Gideon’s presence gave her courage. “How could you accuse me of such behaviour when you know full well that whenever I’ve had a relationship with a man, remember Steve and Jim, though you never had a chance to meet either one, I’ve always gone slowly to prevent being hurt and even so they both hurt me. This is one of the few times I did pick up a man and the first time I’ve slept with one on the first date. Gideon is different.”

“Gideon? What kind of name is Gideon?”

“It’s an old fashioned name, just as mine is, and he’s an old fashioned kind of guy.” With that she grinned at Gideon who grinned back and turned his head so that Sara did not hear his chuckling through the phone.

“Fine so if this gentleman is so different, bring him to dinner next Saturday. I won’t invite anyone else and it will be just the four of us so we can meet him. That is if he hasn’t absconded before then.” Phoebe heard a smirk at the other end of the line. In desperation she glanced at Gideon, she didn’t know what to say to her sister. With a shake of his head Gideon indicated she should accept the invitation. Phoebe questioned him with her eyes but he shook his head again in agreement.

In response to Phoebe’s pause Sara carried on.

“Okay then. See you next Saturday at seven. Oh and you can bring dessert.” Phoebe heard a “ha” as her sister loudly hung up the phone.

Phoebe placed the phone on the table and looked at Gideon “What have I done?”


I’m an only child so have no idea if this is realistic. Do you get along with your sibs?

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7 Responses to P is for Phoebe’s Sister

  1. My sisters and I were pretty close. Being the oldest, I looked after them, told them stories, entertained them with dance and games. hehe.
    A – Z Challenge

  2. Seems realistic to me 🙂 Every sibling pair is different. My brother and I get along quite well but will still fight like five year olds, LOL!

  3. Jenna Jaxon says:

    I’m an only child too, but I have two children and they have always been like night and day and fight like cats and dogs. So I’d say the relationship of the sisters seemed pretty real to me. Also, my mother had six sisters and yep, they acted like this too. Did Gideon have siblings? Loved this post!

  4. Elin Gregory says:

    I’m an only child too. My husband didn’t get along with his sibs when they were kids and his sister used to hector him like this even when they were adults. I know other people who have good close relationships with their sibs. I guess it all comes down to personalities. It rings true enough to me.

  5. I am very close to my sister and we get along well. We did fight a lot as teenagers but mostly just drama.

  6. VR Barkowski says:

    Well done. Sounds real to me. I have two brothers and two sisters, but they’re all much older than I am. We really didn’t have an opportunity to fight. On the other hand, they’re all within a year of each other, and they used to argue all the time. 🙂

    VR Barkowski

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