R is for Running

Welcome to a tour of my blogs written for the A-Z challenge.

Today is April 20th   and the Reliable   letter R

Running away in my mind

Written about two years ago

Escaping reality

the chores and the mundanities

of daily life.

Running away in my mind.

I sit with my computer

tapping away on  keys




with on line friends I will never meet.

Yet they are more true to me than the “friends”

in the “real” world”

more intimate

more interesting

more humourous

running away in my mind.

Maybe I am insane

forsaking spouse, home and parent

to, instead, rumble around in my head

bringing out appetizers and full course

meals, composed of words.

The process is very meditative-like

it resolves internal issues

I did even know existed

as the words literally

bleed out on the screen

cleansing my brain.

Forced to think and create

releasing  in its own way

restful and exhausting, both

running away in my mind




liberating it ?


(the spacing didn’t work out here)

Have you ever wanted to run away (since you’ve been an adult lol) either figuratively or literally?

Really Reading your R posts

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9 Responses to R is for Running

  1. Right on … not running but liberating your mind. Well done and vey well written.

    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  2. Jenna Jaxon says:

    Only I can’t run any more…more like an amble these days! I’ve always said it I ran away it would be to Montana–lots of wide open spaces to get lost in. 🙂 Nice post!

  3. jabeardrf says:

    I met my wife online, and most of my people I now consider my best friends I originally met online and didn’t physically meet for many years, whereas many people who I used to spend a lot of time around pretty much forgot I existed the minute I moved away (yes, I’ve tried to keep in touch). So, running toward reality for me. 🙂

  4. VR Barkowski says:

    Yes, I’ve often felt like running away. I think the more responsible we are, the further we are from true freedom and the more we dream about taking flight. You’ll often find me “running away in mind.” <==Love that!

    VR Barkowski

  5. I LIKE it! I admire anyone who has time and energy for the A to Z challenge BTW. I’m always tempted and then I think, but can I really juggle that on top of everything else??? Maybe next year!

  6. You’re good! Lots of people feel this way at one time or another.

  7. This resonates with me and most likely many other creative people. Well done.

  8. Elin Gregory says:

    Lovely poem. I want to run away on a daily basis. 😀 Can’t but I CAN write about people who manage it.

  9. try using the address formatting and it sometimes works 🙂

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