The Painting for Blogophilia 9.6

Since I am still learning about my  characters for the screen play I’m attempting in class, I asked them if   they might be willing to make a cameo appearance  for Blogophilia. They both readily agreed, being the characters they are, but they stipulated not in the context of the story line.


Set up

Andrew Goode has traveled through time to present day Halifax.

Tabitha Richards  leads tours through historical homes, one of which is Andrews’. They meet by chance when an unexpected occurrence interrupts the showing and Andrew arrives downstairs to investigate the commotion. He usually remains in his study on the third floor during the tours.

Wearing a worried frown, he stared at a wall  built into the side of a long winding oak staircase.

A woman rushed up to him put out her hand and said, “I am Tabitha Richards, the tour guide, and you must be Mr. Goode the owner of this beautiful home.”

Hello. Forgive me for the intrusion. Yes I am he. I usually stay away when you conduct the historical tours but I heard a disturbance  and came down to learn what the problem was.” Slowly, almost absentmindedly he raised his hand to shake her outstretched one. His thumb touched her soft skin and, he thought, for a woman, she had a firm grip.  Though upset, her long red hair tied at the nape of her neck and her shapely figure did not escape his attention.

“Yes I figured you were he. It’s a pleasure to meet you finally. I love this house. It still maintains the feeling of the period it was built.”

“When I purchased it the realtor asked if I would allow public tours to come through the house,he leaned his back against the wall as he spoke. Tabitha stood with hands clasped at the apex of her thighs and listened.

“I really could not say no. A home such as this is a part of history and should be open to the public.” He rubbed his hands on his jean-clad legs, and he looked at  Tabitha. Her green eyes returned his gaze though strayed for a moment to the floor below the wall. “I’m sorry your tour was ruined.”

She waved her hands in dismissal of his words. “I’ve told them to leave and they can return another time at no charge.  Sometimes these things happen. People get curious. I’d best go and leave you to your work.”

But she didn’t turn away. They continued to study each other. He sensed that they spoke yet no words were uttered.

“I’m not busy right now and if you have a few moments to spare perhaps we can be seated in the salon and relax. I’d like to get to better know the person who shows my home.”

They walked into the room but before sitting on a chintz  upholstered chairs she gestured to the painting hanging over the mantle.

“That painting’s origins appear to be similar to the house.”

As if he had never seen the painting, Andrew replied, “It came with the property and appears to be the time period I come from.  The couple is so vivid they virtually  come to life. 

Andrew’s words confused her but at the same time she understood their meaning.

“I’ve come from a when long ago but here with you time stands still in this new strange world and I never want to go back.”

Tabitha studied him with an expression as if she found his speech odd and out of place, or time, but he sensed she felt no discomfort.  So he carried on.

“Perhaps the change will give me answers to my questions.” His voice, nearly a whisper.

She responded in kind, as if they each spoke a different language, yet each comprehended the other’s meaning.

“You make me feel like Cinderella, meeting my prince charming,  through the strangled strands of time that brought us together.”

Andrew noticed her slippered feet, encased not in glass but in black leather and added nothing to the fairy tale, but he had the notion that she was struck with a need to dance.

Tabitha rose from her seat. “Well I must report to my boss about today,” and she started to move toward the vestibule leading to the front door. He walked with her, pulled a strand of blonde hair away from his face and tugged his ear.  “I wish I could make it up to you  for the ruined tour.”


prompt pic

prompt pic


Written for

Blogophilia Week 9.6 Topic: Time Stands Still

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2 pts): Incorporate the title of an Evanescence song

(Easy, 1 pt): Include Cinderella’s glass slippers

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17 Responses to The Painting for Blogophilia 9.6

  1. Liam says:

    *looking for more* …..thats it?

  2. Tyler/Chuck says:

    I am very infactuated with the idea of traveling through or outside of time. So you definately need to bring Andrew back when he’s done with his screen play

  3. Traveling through time, only to meet again at a new level. Maybe they should walk out to the garden. The bench is waiting.

    • Sue says:

      The screen play has at least 2 flash backs maybe. Is that what the pic looks like? A garden bench? They don’t need a bench… but does inspire for a whole new write 😀

  4. Marvin says:

    More please! 8 points Earthling! 🙂

  5. I’ve always found historical homes fascinating in every aspect. You brought this tour to life… as well as these characters. Makes me yearn for more. Awesome! 😉

  6. Poppy says:

    I love this 🙂 Your work always leaves me thinking…lovely xoxo

  7. They seem like an interesting pair! getting to know new characters is the fun part 😉

  8. Diana says:

    Wonderful post!

    DJ (AKA Diana Jillian)

  9. trev says:

    travelling through time like this is all well and good Sue…
    but people leave an imprint on ones memory, of expectation and intent girl…
    you need to bring them back and further the intrigue Sue…
    you have to admit that there are LOTS of ways Andrew can make it up to Tabatha right?…
    like always your description sucks me into the scene so effectively Sue…
    your such a brilliant writer girl… love it!!!… xxx

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