Screen writing Class II

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Link to ScreenWriting I (written for Blogophilia)

Most of the lessons apply to screen writing and novel writing as well.

Week 2 – Story

synopsis and log line

lag line is a very short, one sentence, description of your screenplay. A synopsis is similar but longer, more detailed and more colourful.



A man with amnesia discovers he is a governmental assassin who has been targeted for death by the organization that employs him.

handout 4 conclusion models

classic story models e.g. Cinderella , Romeo and Juliet

modern movie models e.g. quest, tribe, growth


A sympathetic or fascinating lead character finds him or herself in trouble of some kind and makes active efforts to get out of it. Each effort, however, merely puts them deeper into trouble and every new obstacle in their path is larger than the last. Finally when things look blackest and it seems certain the lead character is finished he or she manages to get out of this trouble through their own efforts intelligence or ingenuity

You have to know the emotion you wish to elicit in your audience.

You have to know the ending of the story and work backwards connecting all the details in the resolution

We discussed the difference between Believable –buy into the story and authenticity – accurate to real life A story may not be authentic but it does have to be believable within the context of the world created.

Homework was to write a logline and a synopsis adhering to the templates we were given.

My current ones have undergone several edits since the class and probably will undergo several more

The template is pretty specific as to what is to be included

In the romantic fantasy, A Quiet Existence, Andrew Goode cursed with lycanthropy and thrust into modern day Halifax, together with his rival Guillaume Pelletier, meets Tabitha Richards, but in order for their dream of a life together to become reality, the couple must use their wits and powers to cast Pelletier back to his own time while allowing Andrew to remain in the present.


Andrew Goode and Tabitha Richards have secrets. The pretty realtor and the handsome land owner are not what they seem. When Andrew and Tabitha meet. their fate is altered. They crave a quiet existence together. In order to make the dream a reality they must combine their wits and powers to banish Guillaume Pelletier, Andrew’s rival from the past. Though both men have been cursed with lycanthropy and thrust into present day Halifax, Andrew has suppressed his animal urges while Guillaume revels in his. After all if one is blessed with lycanthropy it’s only natural to succumb to the powers and abilities and live the life one has been handed. Randy Armstrong is an insecure young man and Pelletier’s protege. The couple’s plan to defeat Pelletier includes involves magic potions, contemporary technology and skullduggery, but cannot succeed without Randy’s cooperation. Pelletier has tricks of his own to divide the couple and maintain his power, control and influence over his underling. Tabitha wants more and is willing to take the risk. Randy learns he doesn’t have to depend on others for self confidence. If the lycanthropic curse is removed it is unknown whether both men will return to the past or if Andrew will remain in the present to claim his true destiny.

The class is ended now but I will update for all the classes as the information is useful to anyone who writes.


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  1. Your course sounds so interesting! 🙂


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